Paint Can Quilt Block tutorial

We've been working on this house we bought for almost a year now, and have loads more to do. So naturally, paint cans are on my mind a lot. (LOL)  I recently started watching Fixer Upper on Netflix, and of course like the rest of the nation-fell in love with the fun dynamic between Joanna and Chip. This led to a late night "paint can" projects on my sewing machine--I hope you enjoy and have fun picking your colors! :D

Templates available HERE

Materials: quilting cotton fabrics in various bright colors (I use Kona), Steam a Seam or Wonder Under double sided adhesive interfacing, thread, quilt batting, and binding.

Colors I used: Camellia (pink), Highlight (KONA color of the year/yellow), white, and  Essex linen blend in indigo for the blue can.
Experiment with your colors and have fun.

Each backing block is 8" x 8"   
Cut background fabric in your desired color. Mine is Camellia by Kona solids.

1. Paint bucket piece:

Cut paint cans: 3 1/2" x 3 3/4" 

Cut Steam a Seam to size for paint cans and press onto wrong side of fabric.  

Peel paper backing of one paint can and place it onto the background fabric, 1" up from the bottom edge and centered.
Press to adhere.

2. Paint spill

Place the paint splatter applique onto the paint can, aligning top raw edges, eye it and make sure it looks good. After peeling off the paper backing again, press to adhere.

3. Repeat this process for the splatter drops and spills.
Templates are included, but you can cut whatever shapes you like to make each paint splatter unique.

Make sure everything is adhered before moving the block.
(Not that I would know anything about that..lol....)

4. Draw the handle with an erasable pen and stitch on this line in desired stitch length. A tight zig zag is cute, but so is a straight stitch or even a hand embroidery stitch.

5. Stitch along each shape you've adhered to the background block, in a small straight stitch or use an applique satin stitch, your choice.

Once you are pleased with your block, give it a good press and then proceed to make more or turn it into a micro quilt by adding batting and backing fabric. Quilt and bind as desired.

HAVE FUN! Send me photos of what you make or tag me on Instagram @sewhungryhippie

On a quirky note---here's a photo of my medicine cabinet. My Mama helped me paint the whole house, including the bathroom with its worn down wood. I decided a vibrant blue accent is just what I needed to feel good on those early 5 am mornings. Some day we'll knock out a wall or two and make it big and luxurious, but let's be real---that's probably a decade down the road. :D

I know it's weird to look inside the cabinet, but don't we all want do it? LOL!

More pics coming soon on the house updates. It's getting exciting.
Man Cave is almost complete!

I have my parents to thank for this. I just want to say, it would never have been started without their tireless determination, hard work, massive effort, and help in so many other ways. 

THANKS Mom and Dad.

I'll have a tutorial up soon for my mug rack--mine was the first "go" so it's not centered correctly but my tutorial will be! LMAO   Like always----go with it. 

THANK YOU for being here.
I heart YOU!

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  1. The paint cans are adorable!! love the splash drops and the spill, that is reality! What a great idea!


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