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I know all too well how difficult it is to "start"..

I still struggle with finding the time to learn new things, advance my skills, and search out new techniques. It's tough- I get it. That's why I post easy projects-because we all could use some confidence boosting in my opinion.

Just remember---- YOU ARE AWESOME.

Just the way you are.

Who sang that tune? Now it's stuck in my head. 
Yours too? 

You're welcome. 


Forget about the messes.

Dare to be a little weird. 

The weirdies are the ones we end up idolizing anyway. 

Take Bowie for example.

Totally weird. Totally rad.  For eternity.

My eyeball quilt is on it's third incarnation as I type. 
I'll get there someday.

We are sending you big love and positive energy to pick up and get going on whatever you decide to spend your time on. I've been thinking a lot lately on this subject. 

Six THINGS to contemplate:

1. Decide what social media means to you.
I quit Twitter and I rarely think about Facebook anymore-I decided to turn off my notifications. I use FB for my business, so it's important but...Sanity is more important. It's not real anyway. On the other side, I have established real relationships with fellow sewers on Instagram, and I feel so happy about that. We message almost daily. ;) I say, do what feels right and don't feel guilty about it.

2. Stop placing any importance on the Critical Opinion. It's human nature to criticize and soothe our own ego, and the drive to please is real and addicting. But at what cost? Reality IS perception. Shouldn't your own perception be number one?
I'm starting to feel you drool and glaze over, so I'll stop babbling. LMAO

3. Make time to have a cuppa. I drink tea and coffee like 45 times a day and I don't care. Teeth may be stained ugly puce in a few years, but that's why I have my penny fund jar--to pay for laser whitening on my chewers. *Start your penny fund jar stat friend, you will thank me later. 

4. I get up nearly every day at 5am -- weekends maybe 6:45--why? Because there is NO time to lose. 

5. Snap a few photos every day. I'm trying to make a log so that when I look back 80 years from today, I'll smile. Or perhaps, think to myself- "My, how far we've come..."  It could happen (World Peace).

6. Smile at yourself in the mirror, first thing. Have you seen this ?

I'm no life coach or expert on this, by any means... But I do know a lot of my friends have voiced frustrations with the fast pace of life and time flying by.

This all ties in with sewing because I think it's SUPER important to keep yourself happy--and crafting/ making/ baking/ quilting  (fill in the blank) = they give us that chance to slow down and create.

So make time for yourself. 

YOU are important.

 Live LIFE for you. Here is a 5 min read on this subject.

This link  is a great read about the power of meditation-for people who don't like to meditate. LOL  (ME-totally...too busy. So I re-read this almost every week as a reminder.)



  1. Truly lovely post, thanks lovely :-) Oh, and it was Billy Joel, I think?
    Hugs & happiness,

  2. So THAT'S your secret... getting up at 5!!!!! Oh man, I just can't do it... does staying up til 1 count? :D

  3. Natalie...I am channeling you from Colorado, can you feel it?? :) I got a sewing machine for Christmas and am so excited to learn, you are my inspiration! From one Nat to another, thanks!!! Natalie (Arndt) Hatmaker

  4. You make me smile.....yes Billy Joel, my fav.


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