Bag of the Month Club: February

I am so pleased with my February Bag of the Month make. This pattern by Mrs. H is so much easier than I expected. The pattern is straightforward with detailed instructions and photos, with a "text only" instruction section at the back.

It is a large shopper style with loads of pockets inside and out. The bag closes with a zipper inset, and has these luxe grommet handles that I LOVE!

I made mine with Soft & Stable (of course). This stuff is amazing, I know I mention it a lot but seriously, buy some and make a bag. You will never mess with peltex or stiff wrinkle-prone interfacing again. It's well worth the money.

The pattern is so well written I didn't run in to problems other than when I was distracted with Longmire and had to unpick at the very end-but it was completely MY fault, not the pattern. I can't help it Lou Diamond Phillips distracts me. 

Do you ever do this?   Anyway-it was a quick fix and didn't make me cuss (too much).  LOL

I did opt to leave the pleat off the pocket, as I prefer a smooth look. Pleats are usually not my friend, I was far too traumatized by pleated pants in the 80's. Never. Go. Back.
For me, only Crockett & Tubbs can pull these pleats off, ya know? 

The pattern is AWESOME.

Join the Club now. Do it. Peer pressure. 

Watch out-a dragon is going to make my bag it's lair!

I LOVE love love Amy Butler's bright fabrics, rich in this cobalt blue and large Bohemian style print it was perfect for a larger bag style. I have been known to hoard her prints, especially Lark and Hapi
They had me at hello.
This is a safe place, go on- comment below your fabric addictions so I don't feel so guilty, because you know, it's no way to live  (feeling guilty).  ha

The inside is a coordinating print by Amy Butler that I think helps it pOp a bit. I often wish I carried my headlamp on me at all times, because looking deep into the abyss of my bag can be so annoying. 

I need one of these: 

A lot of people have been saying "Oh this bag is so huge"... But.....

I LIKE BIG BAGS and I cannot lie.

You knew it was gonna happen, riiiight? 

For scale:


I can fit a whole lotta candy in that bag. 
Or fabric.

It's going to be perrrrfect when I have those late night fabric store runs saying "Oh, I just have to get ONE THING I'll be right back" to my husband as I bound out the door and come back home two hours later. I usually sneak my stash in when he's not looking, or else I have to answer twenty questions about "what was the one thing? It looks more like fifty things".... 
Smarty pants.
Just hush. 

Say I'm not the only one.

Please. Say it. 

Other works in the --  -- works:

Quilt top inspired by VAST by Jenni Baker. These are 18" HST that I arranged like this because I felt like it. No method to the madness. I used all Carrie Bloomston fabric, from "Story" and "Paint" because it's awesome.
The back will be pieced with the same fabrics, probably in strips angles diagonally.
I'm diggin' it, even though it's "different".

A few more babies are on the horizon (friends having babes), so I better get crackin' with the baby quilts.
This one is binded and finished. All scraps from my bin, using it up is my goal in 2016.

Here's another block I finished this week with the Snapshots QAL.

 I hope you're having a fabulous Valentine's Day. Mine is going to include copious amounts of chocolate and coffee, so if you happen to see me bouncing off the walls in the supermarket later, you will understand. I found this AHHHmazing dish on pinterest,
 easy chicken spaghetti and that sh*z better not fail. My mouth is watering already.  Also, just curious, am I the only person who when spelling "spaghetti" I have to say it out loud like "spag  hetty"..... Just a thought.

Happy Making!



  1. Sure was fun reading thus blog. ....You are funny....great projects and cute models.

  2. Love your bag, that came out beautifully. I do want to make some and have patterns, as well as clothing, like the idea of making my own things to suit my likes. Your girls make wonderful models.



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