Roundups for Heart quilts and Valentine inspired projects

Fun Valentine Heart Day Post! Ready? Set. GO!

I made these heart pillows with the sweet tutorial available from Cluck Cluck Sew.

We sewed six inch blocks and then bordered them with white. They are lined and quilted, and close with a zipper. I followed the tutorial for lined pillows posted on Sew Mama Sew by Gingercake.

A few are for sale in my Etsy shop if you fancy a gift. ;) 

In search of pretty but EASY crafts? Do a pom pom sesh.
The results are always pleasing with poms. :D

This roundup with links is on a long-ago written blog post I did in 2011 right here.
These would make super fun crafty sessions! 

More heart day roundups:

Tired yet?
Too bad, keep looking. LOL

(LOL= lots of love according to my Mom. bahahaha)

 Make felt roses and then blanket stitch the top edge like I did here. Felt roses.

Last year's Valentine Quilt:
(tutorial/pattern in Quilty magazine)

Maybe this roundup will keep you busy for a few days eh?



  1. Your heart pillows are beautiful and there are a lot of fun ideas for Valentines.


  2. The heart are so full of love. The girls are adorable models, and I love that heart quilt on the couch covering up the lady.


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