2016 Intentions

There are 366 days this year to fill with intention and meaning.

What will you focus on?

What are your dreams and aspirations?

Is there a word you could write down and tape up somewhere to remind you to stay the course?

I'm going to start now, and do everything I can to stay focused and alert on my path this year, wherever it may lead. Including writing out my goals- personal and business.
I'm also posting random words around my house to remind me of the person I want to be in front of my children.

Word for 2016: #courage

Courage to try new things. Courage to start again on failed attempts. Courage to be uninhibited and true to self, while remaining full of grace.

This is a tall order for me. I can easily lose my sh*t.

I may even garner up the courage to become more active on social media. I often post things and then never look back, I didn't even have notifications turned on till a few days ago. It's just how I am/ or was. I realize now I was missing out on making connections. 
Perhaps on establishing friendships.
I thought truly in my heart nobody cares if I comment back. But----they do. 

A few random goals for 2016:

1. Do some more "slow crafting".
I'd like to knit again, inspired by my cousin Gracie, who sends me updates on her crafty endevours, and by my Mom who makes  lush scarves/shawls with chunky knit yarn. I wear that shawl every night (like right now). It's perfect for watching Downton Abbey while sipping a cuppa.

This goal would include learning more about garment sewing and couture techniques.

At the same time, perhaps dig in to some hand quilting--or (gasp) attach a binding by hand stitching.

Maybe I'll even finish that cross stitch of London I started (ah-hem) a year ago...

2.  I will plant my garden when Spring hits- full of succulents and flowers that I love. No rules, just plant. It doesn't have to be manicured and precise, wild and free is better and suits me.

3. Join in the Mindful Living prayers for world peace and Dharma  for Kids and Families at our local meditation center.  It's not about religion for me, it's about humanity.
I hope to teach my kids to truly follow their Dharma-the money will follow if they're doing what they love. Nothing else compares to that. 

4. Design at least two quilt and/or sewing patterns a month, no matter how weird people may think they are. I like quirky, so somebody else is bound to as well.....Right? LoL
I  am called to minimalism lately. I'll have to explore that further I think.

5. Get super fit-in body and mind with physical activity that makes my lungs burn. That endorphin flow thingy is no joke.
I'll do more Yoga too.

I set a major goal of running a half marathon at the end of June, and joined an online support group to inspire the journey. Being accountable to others is strangely much more important than being accountable to just myself. Now I have to show up- five days a week minimum. I was inspired by my cousin Steve who ran every single day in 2015 and is still at it. 

Don't worry, I won't be doing Yoga naked. It's the only image that was "arty" I could find. LOL LOL

I would also like to make more time for reading novels, mysteries, and funnies (David Sedaris) has me cracking up out loud. I vow to not purchase any more books until I get through my list.  (Maybe).

Very important to me as well is not stop multitasking so much, Zanita has a great post about this art of "monotasking". 

 This list of reminders will be taped up on my wall, it's absolutely perfection. Read it, takes one minute.

Of course all of this has to be squeezed into family life, shuffling kids here and there, and working. Which actually makes it more important than ever to stick to these goals. Without "selfie time", a person becomes frazzled and crazy, or at least I do. This is another reason I write out in my diary exact goals for each week-and it's okay--really really okay if they don't happen, but putting the intention in the air sparks something. It makes every day life more intense, or interesting, or worthy.

Less distraction, more intention. 

#Courage to face whichever way it goes, day to day.

Thanks for being here.
All the LOVE to you.


  1. Great goals. I really love the idea of writing weekly goals in a journal. It helps keep life organized so you get more done.
    Have a wonderful 2016! Hugs.

    1. Thank you Michelle! Have a wonderfilled 2016 as well--lots of hugs back to you. <3

  2. You are so amazing......so creative....so interesting....so determined....so active.....so true to yourself....so open to new learning.....I admire you....and of course love you.


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