Quilt Yearbook on Snapfish

Have you lost count of how many quilts you've made? Make a Yearbook to keep a record. It's super easy and relatively quick on Snapfish. I made mine in about 90 minutes, and that's searching for photos in my billions of folders. I can't say I'm the most organized person on computer stuff, but I do try--so there's that. 


I made two of these Heart  quilts in 2015 and sold both of them within minutes of posting online. Who knew hearts were so popular?! Thank you to my lovely supporters, most of you are friends and I'm so honored you support my work. <3 p="">

The Fantasia Unicorn quilt was a favorite of mine, even though it was very simple made with 10" blocks. I think sometimes that's the ticket to letting the fabric shine through. I just love this line by Sara Lawson, the colors are sophisticated while the pattern design is whimsical.

These two quilts are special. The left one has a mistake, which I did see and left alone on purpose. I still have her, hanging up in my kitchen to remind me not to take life too seriously. It's ALL good. 

The Union Jack quilt on the right was my most popular make while living in Britain. I must have made at least thirty of these babies. We lived on land that was next to a horse paddock, which was absolutely magical. I can still here the hooves hitting the ground as they played around. Ruby was quite little when we lived there, but remembers it well and still asks if we can "go back and live there". 

 The Aztec Quilt was a serious contender to stay with me. I love the modern edge to it, and the simple colors of black and white are always chic. This went to one of my longest running supporters, she has stuck with me from the beginning and I am so grateful to her.  Thank you Heather. ;)

 This baby quilt was a gift for a friend who is as weird as I am. I love her to pieces and miss her very much.

 Ahhhh the forever quilt--because it took FOREVERRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrr.
But it was worth it. . .and went to another Ol' Blighty lover, my friend Melissa.

The stack of books I've made so far on Snapfish.

I think this is possibly the best way to get photos OUT of the computer and onto a medium you will actually sit and look at. I occasionally will  have a cup of coffee early in the morning and page through them, to remember and to cherish the life I've lived thus far.

So little...
So happy...

 The second Union Jack quilt I ever made, sitting in the English sun.

The photos are crisp and clear in the book, I'm so very happy with how it turned out.

Rainbow Quilt went to my bestie for her birthday.

The huge scrappy quilt stayed with me. Another reminder of where I've been.

 The cover of the 2011 yearbook. I just LOVED Durham,England. And as you do, I drug/dragged (?) my family up there for a holiday to have a nose for a couple days.
I could tour Great Britain endlessly.
Maybe that should be my job, actually--yes, it should be.

 Cover of 2015 yearbook

Cover of 2009 Yearbook 

These are steps in Norwich,England which I love and adore. Nobody really stopped as I stood there and took about a zillion photos, except one very old man who just smiled at me and nodded. I think he understood. Sometimes you run into kindred spirits, and it's just so lovely.

It will be so fun a few years from now to look back and remember these moments. 

If you're new to quilting, it would be a fabulous method to see your progress. I often wish I had kept my very first quilt, because frankly it is technically awful---but I made it with love and good intentions and gave it to a friend. Luckily that friend is non-judgy and wonderful, and when I told him to burn it he said "No way I have a hungryhippie original!" which of course--was---lovely.


I've already got some more to add to it, and a few I can't show you until after Xmas presents are opened! :D I hope to make a book each year, then when I'm 99 or something make one ginormous book of all of them. 
That would be something, wouldn't it? If only for myself, it will be fun to see the growth, the moments, the struggles, and the passage of time. 

So go on, make some books yourself! Have a record of your hand work, whatever medium it is, because it is SO wonderful to be able to make stuff!!

Happy Holidays friends.


  1. I really love this blog post Natalie, its such a great way to see old and new makes, small or big. I've been using photobox the last few years to do family albums its so fun making your own albums up, lots and lots of fab memories to look back on. Your quilts have so many stories to tell too, love it. I often think of you all and wish that we could of spent more time chatting. Hope you are all well bear still talks about Mia, missing her big hugs xx hope you have a fantastic Christmas, you must send me your address xxx Helen xx

  2. What a great idea! I need to make some albums! Your quilts are all so beautiful and it's really fun to see them in this format!


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