Easy DIY Felt Ornaments and gift toppers

Here is a quick tutorial for making cute felty gift toppers or ornaments.
Or both!

Kids can help too! 

Let's make stuff!

1. Cut out the templates I provide in the PDF link (see above).

2. Cut out these shapes again using posterboard (heavy paper) and then trim them by 1/4".

3. Stack the felt Christmas pudding and arrange pieces how you like.
At this point you can hot glue, sew, hand stitch, or use a permanent spray adhesive-it's your choice.

Place the front pudding piece on the work surface right side up. Place frosting piece on top and pin in place. Sew around the edge with 1/8" seam.  (Figure 1 and 2).

Repeat again with holly leaves, then lastly with the cherry. (Figure 3)

4. Put back felt (brown pudding piece) with the front piece, wrong sides together. Insert posterboard shape in between these two felt pieces. This gives the ornie shape and structure. Don't skip this. 
(Fig 6).

5. If using a string for hanging, pin in place. Blanket stitch all the way around the ornie, catching the hanging string or ric rac as you sew around.  (Fig 7, 8).

You can also choose to machine stitch around the edge, it's faster! 

Need help with a blanket stitch? My 7 year old videoed me here: 


Repeat with the star shape. We will do this with a heart shape for Valentine's Day and Shamrocks for St Patrick's day. It's inexpensive and satisfying.
It's always a win when the kids want to stay busy with crafting. :)

Happy Crafting!

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  1. Those are cute, I can't wait till Nick is old enough and coordinated enough to do crafts and bake, so maybe next Christmas. For now he is just enthralled with christmas decorations so fun just watching his face light up.



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