Giving quilty gifts

Christmas finally arrived, so here are some makes I gave to family and friends as presents. I made a very intentional and big effort to *not* buy "stuff". Like Seinfeld said- I don't want to contribute to "crapifying my house"--or anyone else's! LOL

So, with my heart on the line, I made some things and hoped for the best that the recipients would like them. Here is a peek at some of them.  ;)

Panda Pillow for my lil' Sis who has had this obsession with pandas since age three.

Free pattern on Jolly Jabber blog by Fat Quarter Shop, where you can also pick up the kit.

 The back is envelope style for easy washings. I can't remember where I got this gray dottie print, but I love it.

I changed the color way a bit, to make the green pop I used gray. Or is it grey? I can never ever ever remember.

Essential Oils cases went to two friends.
I love this fabric, so bright and beautiful. Of course my *one* (rather hilarious friend) said "it's like a Golden Girls print but funner"... hmm mm, yes she went there. LOL
B*tch slap was not far off, good thing I love her.

Place mats went to my Brother in Law because he has no idea that he is in dire need of soft furnishings for his new table from World Market. Consider him now "in the know".

Fuzzy heart pillow went to a friend who always makes me feel accepted and fuzzy. So corny but true.

Rainbow Quilt went to Best-y from 1990 and still going strong.
These are all Kona solids, made with a jelly roll  of their Brights line--which is my fave of course.
A great beginner quilt project, I made it up as I went. Sew strips together and add borders, that's it.
 ** wink wink (Do it.)

The Farmgirl Vintage Quilt went to my Mama. She's a country girl through and through and the bestest Mom in the world. This quilt taught me a LOT, without me realizing it would---just like my Mom has throughout my entire life. It took ages and months and forever to complete, but was so sew so worth it in the end. 
I am grateful to Ms Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet bloggyness for such a happy, wonderful, easy to follow quilt book. It's a classic for sure.

The Night Trains Quilt for my Dad!

This was a pattern available here that I changed and improved a bit in order to use up my scraps. My Dad is a train and plane fanatic you guys, so I had to represent--ya know what I'm sayin'? No gift cards this year, no more screwdriver sets, or hammers- (I think he has 786 hammers by now, but who's counting?)   Maybe next year I'll venture into airplanes---but absolutely NO promises.  haha

Place mats went to a friend in Miami--because they are sunny colors for her Sunshine State home.

Place mats went to another friend--what's with the place mats this year? I dunno.

This solar system quilt went to my friend Donata who just had a baby. I can't share it all because I didn't take pics of it.  I'm going to re-do this pattern and write it up for you all, once I get it exactly right. She has the prototype, and maybe one day it will be worth millions. You never know. bahahahahaha

Happy Days mini bunting went to a friend who sews but is scared of quilting. This should snap her out of it. C'mon! Peer pressure...

Did you make any gifts this year? It's so difficult finding the time, but I feel like it's more satisfying than racking my brain to buy something. Here's my ode to de-crapifying the Holidays and using whatcha got'! :D  Have a lovely weekend friends!


  1. I put a comment yesterday, but where is it? The quilt for me is so special, and the comments you made so sweet. Thank you. Dad loves his train quilt, and Kat her pillow. Ry thought the placemats very interesting and lovely. You are amazing and these presents from the heart are so appreciated. Thank you for spending so many hours for us.

  2. Wow so many beautiful gifts xxxx I am hoping to try and make gifts in 2016 as a new years resolution. Have a lovely New Year!

  3. You are my inspiration for completing a quilted gift a month ... Which just may bring me to my goal of gifting all my favorite, most loved people something truly special by December 2016. I, too, am so over giving "stuff", and maybe, JUST MAYBE, I'll get past my fear of free motion quilting;). Thanks for the nudge, Natalie<3

    1. Yay-that would be a great goal....I may do that too- "a quilted gift a month". Thanks! XO

  4. Wow! What amazing gifts!! Your family and friends are a bunch of lucky ducks! Let's see, I made tops for my boss, my mother-in-law, and my sister, I knitted socks for my dad and my aunt, and I knitted a hat for my mom. I meant to have Man Friend's sweater all done and under the tree, but I ran into some trouble trying to seam it up, so I have to call in some big guns for help! :) You are inspiring me to make quilts for my besties next year!

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