A few last words for 2015 and Sewing and Quilting Recap

Each year I try to be a better person than I was before. I find that with each year that goes by, my eyes are opened more and more, and I realize the the "truths" I once held as sacred, are faded.
2015 was an eye opener for me, a testing year in so many ways. 

I received several Christmas cards this year that had the theme of "Oh look at your new, amazing life"----which had me perplexed. Where does this idea come from? I thought I was good at "keeping it real" with folks... guess not.
2015 was not a "fun" year for us, it was a learning year. 
A building year. 
A personal growth year-which is usually difficult when "in it". 

*We moved away from dear friends-people who made me a better person in so many ways. People who taught me what true friendship and support really is. It's hard to leave that behind. So many days I want to nip over for a cuppa and a blather with my ladies...

I'm not into "fluffy" relationships.
I don't care about anything but being true.

*We bought a house, which now in hindsight I'm not sure was a wise decision, but we made it -so here we are. So much work. So much money. Now I feel this constant pull back to my hometown with some amazing family support and new friendships forged that "feel" like old ones. Yeah, I'm talking about you Amy.

*Kids are at school in a country they didn't grow up in, so things are sometimes strange to them. To me, it seems American kids are older than their actual age, and this is tough when trying to "fit in". Lucky for me so far, they just carry on. 

*We don't feel like we are in our "forever place" yet. Maybe that will change, but right now it still feels very weird. I can't talk about this with anyone because a person doesn't understand this unless they've lived it. I don't want to sound like a whiny bitch. I'm making the best of it, I'm staying-UPBEAT . LOL  
*Hint to one of my favorite movies ever.

*I've had several family members and friends diagnosed with illnesses that are usually terminal. I keep saying "mind over matter"--think positive, stay strong,...but that only lasts until I'm alone with nobody to see me cry. I am worried. It's scary and unknown, and I really don't like being out of control.

All in all, I'm ready for 2015 to be over. 

Here's to a brighter future, filled with renewed hope, faith, and self empowerment.

Here's to confidence in all endeavors, whether we succeed or fail, the time is not wasted.

Here's to building friendships that are authentic and supportive.

Here's to creating an environment of acceptance and love for all.

Goal # 129 Use up all scraps this year and whittle that scrap bin into nothingness.

Goal # 47 Stop cussing so much, but not totally. I have to be authentic. LOL

Goal #4536 Launch a pattern every month, plus create patterns for a future book pitch. Yes. For real.
It won't happen unless you "play"--like Lotto players say.   ;)

Goal #2543 Make more charity quilts and "just because" gifts. Donate to Quilts of Valor.

Goal #1 Notice the warm sun and the singing birds and the falling rain. Notice the sound of laughter. Notice the smiles. Accept the hugs. Say "I love you".

Every time.

Goal #1254 : Save enough money up to make it "home" to England for a visit before I turn 40 (or save enough for a country home, so me and Pips can hang out a bit, you know-- as you do).

What are your goals for 2016?  Are you ready for a fresh start? 

Maybe 2015 was "your year"--congrats on that if so!

I'm ready to get sewing and learn new things. 

I'm ready for you 2016.



  1. I hope your new year brings many blessings to you and your family.
    My goal is to not have goals, lol. I plan on taking a few months just to unwind and create and see where it takes me.


  2. Beautifully, honestly said, Natalie. May 2016 be the year we all hope it to be, leading us all toward becoming better versions of who we can be ... Pretty lofty goal, but worth reaching for.

    "Every day may not be good, but there's something good in every day"

    1. Thank you so much Dodi--it's so true, so so true.
      And-- I always say- "quilting is cathartic"--so we should always be prepared and have our supplies ready (aka buy more fabric). :D Riiiiiiiight?!! xo

  3. What a tough year you've had! Man... I'm really sorry about your loved ones that are ill. I wish I could just... wish it all away for you. And I also wish we were neighbors so we could chat over morning coffee. I guess in this scenario we also don't go to work so we can just do that all the time? Hey, I like this scenario!

    Isn't it funny how some years just feel so much different than others? 2014 was a really lousy year for me, so when NYE rolled around, I just wanted to SHUT THE BOOK on the year and move the eff ON. 2015 was a year of rebuilding-- adjusting to life after the loss of a family member, trying to figure out an occupation change, starting a business and working really hard on it and not feeling like I'm doing very well at it. But at least it was a year that felt like I was... I dunno... moving forward? I hope that as 2016 opens, you start to feel more and more like you're at home, and that the kids feel more at home, and everybody just feels a little more settled. You guys made such a major transition!

    1. Thanks so much Sonja. I'm so glad to know you understand. And yes--in this coffee chatting scenario we only work 2 days a week, and the other days are for girl power chats and hobbies. LOL :D XOXO 2016 will be amazing, I just know it!!!

  4. Beautifully said......and you are so amazing.....your girls are amazing wee ones. Let them stay young, we push children to do too much instead of enjoying being who they are. They make me laugh....you've made me cry with your accomplishments and thoughts....so moving, truly.


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