This DIY project is exactly like my Love Pillow DIY from a few years ago.

Using the same method, just a different font and size.

Applique felt letters onto sweatshirt and prepare to have an excited kid. :)

Cutting out is the most tedious part.

I'd love it if you'd Pin this or tag me on IG if you make one.

In other news, I've finally whittled my scrap bin down half way! You know what that means? ...

I'm about to get my fabric shopping on!  (Sshhhhhh don't tell.)

I have three quilt tops finished ready for quilting too so I "have to" buy backing fabric anyways--I may as well "save" on shipping cost and order some designer fabric at the same time.... Right?!  (Right!!)

Here is my latest scrappy quilt made with all Sugar Skulls fabric, in honor of Halloween:

I pieced large 9 inch squares together, some are strips some are charm squares, some are full 9" cuts. It's crazy and wild. Stipple quilted in orange and hot pink Aurifil thread (of course!).

I used a turquoise voile on the back side, so it's super soft. We already used it during our bonfire last night, while roasting Smores.  I'm just glad to use up my scraps, as I'm SUPER ready to make some purchases! (Did I already mention that? LOL)

Have you seen what's been released lately by Art Gallery?! Gahhhhh!!!!

Another great stash / scrap buster are these pumpkin families. My pattern comes in Baby size, teen, and adult. They are so cute and original-customize the fabrics according to your taste.

Get the Softie Pumpkin Pattern in my Etsy shop

These nuggets make great gifts, you can make them smell luscious by including nutmeg and cinnamon and/or cloves into the stuffing. Lush! Sell them at craft events too- I always sold out. ;)

I'm making a few this year for friends, as thank-you gifts and what not.

I'm off to Autumn'ize my house! Here I come Pumpkin Spice Candles & orange everything.

See you soon friends!


  1. Fun to customize the kid's clothing, I used to do that when mine were little. Looks like you are really getting into the halloween spirit, wonderful quilt and pumpkins.



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