Over- planning kills magic.

This quilt was the first thing I ever started to piece. The tiny 2 inch squares were cut from whatever scraps I had in my bucket, waiting for me to sew them together. I started that journey three years ago. 

I was almost too embarrassed to actually put it together this summer, because lots of the squares are mis-measured, sewed on wonky, or altogether just "not working". But I took a deep breath and had a Zen moment. They say Buddhist monks aspire to be a beginner, because that is when the mind is most open. So here's to being open. Here's to non-perfection. Here's to the idea that imperfection is beautiful in a world where everything is photo shopped and air brushed. 

This quilt is my personal lesson that practice does improve skill, if you are patient enough to enjoy the journey.

What do you want to do, but haven't begun because of the fear of being a beginner?

We all have moments like this:

On another beginning note, I've teamed up with D & F Studio again to bring a sewing workshop to local kids!
We launch first weekend in November in Freeport, IL. If you're local and interested (or even if you're a BIG kid), sign up now. Check it HERE on FB for more info.

Behind the scenes at Sweat Shop sewing school.

I just want to share the JOY you guys! Sewing makes me so HAPPY!!!!

Or maybe it's the "creating" that does it.  We were meant to be creative humans. Period.

image via maggiecortland.com

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It's worth the 5 minutes. Seriously.

Love & Peace to you. See you soon!


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