It's been a huge curve of learning and exploration around here lately.

I attribute it to letting go of the "fear" of what people think.

You know, that thing that holds you back for absolutely no logical reason whatsoever? That one.

My mission in life- every damn day- is to live it as if it's my last. This change in attitude helps me from the most mundane (like bitching about that mountain of laundry I need to deliver to everyone's drawers) to the way a driver may act all crazy on the road. I used to cuss a blue streak and get all worked up. What a shame. What a waste of energy. I don't have time for that nonsense. 

You don't either. 

Translate that to the sewing world: just because you're new to this art form doesn't mean you're not a badass. In a self-empowerment kind of way. Who cares if it isn't perfect? It's done. It's made. Somebody is bound to appreciate the work and time involved. And beyond that, you SHOWED UP.

Ya know?

It's funny, because just this past weekend I did part of a triathlon, on a whim, without prep. I had intended to give support and some friendly company to a friend of mine completing her first Tri ever. I didn't realize the lesson I would end up teaching myself in the process.

No, it wasn't the lesson you think-- aka "you need to run more Natalie"...I mean, yes, I learned that as well. (LOL) But what I'm talking about here goes further than that.

 It's called taking action. Doing it. Showing up when it would be easier not to. 
 Doing what you say you can/will/should/would.

How many things do you "say" you'll get to? 

When the time is right.     ---Right?
Or when you can afford those special shoes / machine / camera, etc.... right?
When you "research it" a little more.

Friends, if there is one thing I've heard from my years being a trauma nurse, it's this:  you will never have enough time.

Now get happy, not sad about this fact. Make it a reason you sign up for those French lessons, or take that piano lesson, or enroll in college to get your degree. Whatever-pick your poison. You don't need anybody but YOU to begin something fresh and new. 

My scrappy bin has been on the floor for a week now. I've made a sizable dent in it! 

Scrappy charm quilt thing, I think...

I had absolutely no idea what I was doing here. Just so you know.

Do life "improv" style.

Mix it up.

Throw away the directions.

Follow your intuition.

Enjoy the process.

That was my formula when I made this quilt design--everybody around me was like "a skull? ? ?Really?" 

(In my head:)  Yes, bitches. Really.

Now it's in a magazine (go buy it please LOL Love Patchwork and Quilting) Issue 26).  haahaha

It's so freeing to let go of society's instruction manual on whatever subject: beauty, fashion, a "good" piece of art, decorating your house, ... ... ... Who really gives a f*$%? I admit, it's taken me 37  1/2 years to finally figure out- I don't. Give. A F*%$.

I gave my 5 year old my Fuji Instax and a pack of film the other day. You should have seen the happiness glow around her for the rest of the night. It made me think-- when do I feel like that? That joy that gives so much energy you can't go to sleep. . . . .
When do YOU feel like that?
What's floating around in the back of that brain yearning to be set free?

My kids wanted a mural in their bedroom. So I said "okay but you have to make it".

Let go of your preconceived notions of "how". 
Train your brain like a child--revel in those small, glorious moments of appreciating what is.

Because in the end, that's all we've ever got.

 Positive energy to you all, friends. See you soon.


  1. Very wise words, we all do it getting carried away with the roundabout of life, doing what everyone thinks I right. Put yourself first and be happy girl xx love to you all xx

  2. Ahhh creativity.....just let it flow......we make our own walls and confine ourselves to the "rules" too much. Love the kids mural, hope it grows.

  3. This! All of this!


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