If you don't already subscribe to Seamwork Magazine you really should. If you want to learn to sew your own wardrobe that is. Every month I download the patterns (for free) that I want to sew. I mean, I "want" to sew everything but you know how it is, that "time" thing. 

This month I squealed when I saw the AKITA top- a one piece pattern to sew up in an hour. What could be more perfect?!  I had the perfect peachy voile on hand too, great for these 90 degree days we're feeling up here in Wisconsin. (Gross.)

I think my sweat marks are on display but I don't care. Deal wit' it. 
We are tree huggers here and have no AC.     ;)
(That's what I tell people anyway.)

That moment you think you're cute and then you see what you really look like in ripped jeans. OMG

On a spur of the moment decision I used the last inches of my gold lame binding I had left over from making pillow cases. Sometimes more is more. I love gold! It's never too much. But then, I am a child of the 80's, so if you think this is a tad "Dynasty" just go with it. 

I can't get enough of the gold lame. Ever. 

I'd rock up to the grocery store in this any day.

Back to business. I'm so easily side tracked by gold. 

Sewing the Akita up was super easy. SUPER easy.

I printed, cut the pattern out, taped it together, and then made my top all in 72 minutes. 

Annnndddd I checked Colette headquarters to review the bias tape tutorial, just as a precaution.

I may not look like the Eqyptian Goddess (my daughter's words) pictured on the blog and pattern, (isn't she so gorgeous?!!!)--but I feel smokin' hot in my new top. I think I'll wear it tonight ---

(to the gas station, to get milk).. LOLOLOL. Sssshhhhh

images from Seamwork magazine

 I can't wait to make these trousers! (Also in the same issue.)

So if you want to learn how to sew, even if you're a straight up beginner--get this magazine in your mitts now. I subscribe to the emails too- they are great for useful little tips to help a sewer along.

(And no, I wasn't paid to share this so don't go there ..)

I'm off to sew up some more presents! I'm gettin' a head start on Christmas this year.
If I don't keep everything.

Get sewing! :D


  1. I just finished printing and taping the pattern. I plan to sew it in a black silk. Was the fit pretty similar to other colette patterns ?
    Yours turned out great.

    1. Yes Jennifer, the fit is right on the same as other Colette patterns. I sewed up a 6 which is what I normally make. ;) Black silk sound amazing!!! <3

  2. Oh man, this is cute on you! I have two packages of that gold bias tape that I've been hoarding for ages, waiting for the perfect project. But why did you show me those gold Chuck Taylors?!?!?! Want want want want want!!!!!

    1. GOLDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!! (and pinky peach of course)...


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