Modern Quilting in Rainbow colors

I finally finished it!

I've had this baby pieced for almost a year. Isn't that just a shame? I mean, why's it so difficult to "get it together" and finish it up?

Maybe because quilting these tightly spaced lines took me THREE days. No joke. Countless bobbins of thread, and lots and  l o t s of patience. Which, (regretfully) isn't my best feature. But whatever.

We aren't here to talk about that, we're here to Celabrate!! Yay!!!

Cartwheels, Rainbows, and White Wine-- OH MY!

Isn't she lovely?!

I used a jelly roll of Kona Brights for this project, along with "white" yardage- not "snow" which is what I usually gravitate towards.

Everything I like in a quilt (or a person)-- bright, colorful, no-nonsense, "gimme whatcha got" in one look. I like it. Don't mess about, just lay it out--ya know? 

I quilted it every 1/2" using my walking foot as a guide. That took forever.
But I wanted the Modern Feel to it, which free motion quilting just wouldn't have done.

It's pretty big, so I envision wrapping myself in it like a burrito this winter in the chilling white nothingness of Wisconsin, while I eat candy in secret-- so I don't have to share. Maybe even sneak in a naughty novel too. You get the idea.
*Speaking of naughty-have you ever read a D.H. Lawrence book? Made my eyes pOp. Seriously.


Though it's been a month since I've had the time to post here in Happy Land, it shouldn't make you think it's been idle around here. Oh contrary my friend. It's been busier than ever, as I found a partner to help me build my Hippie Empire.
For real. She's amazing, all no-nonsense/ultra chic, super social/Caribbean-Islander ease about her...
Okay okay so she's my SIL, but it's all true.

I told her "my goal is to buy a cottage in Cornwall and eat scones on the daily while chatting over IM with Kate." 

(Lunn)   ;)

It's not too much to ask I don't think. Do you?

Next topic.

I've had all sorts of friends lately pOpping up pregnant and it makes me wonder 
what's in the water?!

I'm looking at you Danielle, Amy, Donata, and some more unmentionables because I don't want to be bitchslapped.

It's been so frequent lately that world population has been on my mind.

 I'm not kidding. LOL

These are the thoughts that go through my head, you see. I can't get Dan Brown's Inferno out of my head--and I read that book four years ago. 

So whatever it is, I hope it's not contagious! I am looking forward to school starting again, and some quality sewing time in the land of Quiet Blissdom. 

But I'm super happy for all them--don't get me wrong---super SUPER happy!!
(... that it's them!) lololol

But anyways........
Here's a peak at a scrap-tastic baby blanket I made for my friend Amy. It's pretty large as far as baby blankets go-I wanted to be sure  Baby could wrap in it like a burrito when he's 15. 

Can you tell it's Mexican night at the local tavern? I'm practically salivating.

I've been on a serious mission to use ALL my scraps up before buying more fabric. So in efforts of this, any future gifts you may get from moi will be scrappy and patchwork.
Mis -matchy.
And---I don't want to hear any sh*t from you. Just smile and say how wonderful it is. 

It's Bohemain Yo. It's "in". 

As always- "go with it".

I really like the combo of teal/blue/aqua with orange. These colors are incorporated in the quilt and also in the binding, which I made on my binding machine from Simplicity. I love that thing I swear!! 

A lot of my favorite fabrics of all time are in this quilt--see the Amy Butler, the Jennifer Paganelli, the Bari J? Love. Love. Love.

-of course I took the picture upside down-

It's meant to be kinda crazy and all over the place-to keep Baby's interest. Let's be real-it will be washed a thousand times, and peed on a gazillion times--so it had to be bright. To live up to the test of time, you see....


Also busy at work here on the Adult Mermaid Tail Blanket--by popular demand from the interest in my Kids Mermaid Blanky. It's slow going as I had to learn Adobe Illustrator over the past few weeks. 

Just so we're clear------

That is absolute torture to me, straight from the Gates of Hell.  (Learning Adobe).

Trying to sit at a computer, watching tutorials and listening to people talk about programs that I have little idea how to turn on--well folks, it ain't pretty.  I catch myself constantly--and I do mean constantly--daydreaming in the middle of a five minute lecture on how to open the tool bar. It's like speaking Mandarin to me. I just don't get it. There are too many Unicorns in my brain to focus properly.
But I will get it, I have to. (Speak positively right?!)
When it's finally "in" my brain, I will be so grateful. More on that mess later.

For real though, what I know for sure (like Oprah says)--is that I would be absolute crap if I had to go back to school right now.

But anyways.

I'll post when it's ready for release.

Also coming soon-- The Bonjour Travel Case. 
Spell check wants me to change it to the Bourbon Travel Case. That may be an excellent idea. ;)

What are your "must haves" when you travel? Passport, wallet, keys, Xanax,.....
What pockets would you want at the ready?
What are you always losing? (Don't deny it.) Fess up.

I'm always searching for my chap stick. Or I have a panic attack thinking I lost my boarding pass ..
Do you ever do that--have a mini-heart attack that shivers through your whole body? I recommend it, keeps things fresh and in perspective.

Anyways, thanks for reading to the bottom. 
I heart you.

See you soon!


  1. Absolutely stunning Natalie!! Loved reading this post as well. You never fail to inspire me and make me smile. Miss you ��x

    1. THANK YOU for being here with me Vanessa!!!! You just made my night. <3 Hugs to you all! Miss you more. xo

  2. Entertained me this morning and made me feel cheerful! You do have a way with words that is so entertaining. The quilts are loverly!!

  3. Gad, your quilts are too good!

    1. Awe thanks Sonja! I am always partial to rainbows. :D

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