Rip & Strip easy sew quilts and place mats tutorial

My tutorial is over at Sew Mama Sew for these easy and fast pace mats. Hop over for the instructions.      :D

You guys!

I had an epiphany while making yet another quilt the other day.

New sewers need a quick, fun, nearly-no-rules project that provides instant gratification. Am I right or am I right? !!  

Heck, we all need that once in a while.... ....

Busy lifestyles demand crafting time for stress relief, and I hear complaints a lot about how long it takes to make a quilt. Or--complaints about how "precise" it has to be, all the measuring, etc...
Well-no more! 

Make a "Messy Quilt" with me in under an hour-watch my (rather hilarious if I do say so myself,) video tutorial and start ripping and stripping!!

You heard me right- rip it, strip it, and get sewing. No measuring, no marking, no 113 steps to complete. Just get 'er done. 

Quilt sandwich:

Free hand quilt the lines or "free motion" quilt it. Easy.

Another messy quilt top ready to sandwiching:

This is the one I'm making in the video tutorial produced by D & F Studios .  
The making of the video is a whole 'nutha story. More on that later. ..   ;)

These would make great wall hangings, especially framed professionally. I love the look of textile art behind a frame. It takes it up a notch.

Wouldn't it be awesome to make a Messy Quilt into a birthday cake and pOp a candle on the top? Yessssssss! For once a birthday gift NOT bought in a box store, shipped from China. For once something that stands out. For once, something hand made and lasting.  
Endless possibilities.

Finished messy quilt:

If Jackson Pollock made serious ART by splattering paint on a canvas, then why can't this messy stripping be considered ART as well?

 It can. We make the rules. 

Go ahead!  Make awesome designs by "messing around". 

If you fancy a skull design like mine,simply piece littler strips with bigger ones to create the look. 

A huge, heartfelt THANK YOU to Amy at D & F Studios for being so lovely and patient with me, and for making the video come to life. YOU are awesome!

Here is Amy's blog if you want to be inspired.




  1. Sounds good to me xx The birthday cake idea would be a great gift. See you on wordpress soon. I must admit that I have been contemplating a move to wordpress maybe I shall see xxx

    1. Hey thanks for popping by! Can I ask, why are you considering a move to WP? Is Blogger just not cutting it for you either? xo

  2. Whooooaaa... this is seriously cool! And after futzing around with tedious quilt blocks all day yesterday, a messy quilt sounds pretty appealing! :)

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