Mason Jar mini quilt
Pattern by Lori Holt of "Its Sew Emma" and Farm Girl Vintage

I've started to sew again, realizing that my sanity and happiness are more important than the pressure of finishing up the house remodeling. It can wait.
I'm so ready to give the house the middle finger.

I'm having lots of thoughts lately about which direction to go. I know my pattern designing will continue-but the actual "making" of items people can buy? Probably not.

Time is money they say. My friend Sonia in TX says money is power. She has a point.

I was talking with an awesome human the other day, I tell her things I wouldn't tell my diary. 

Anyways, I said "I could live in a trailer or motor home for the rest of my life". 

   And I mean that.

Just think--wouldn't it be super fun to have a "non-stationary, mobile" business? I'm talking sewing on the road-then pop up a stand and sell that shiz for fast cash, and move along to the next stop. I want to see the Big Sur highway. Glacier Park. Nantucket. Arizona cactus land. The Bayou. And then put my trailer on an aircraft carrier with Tom Cruise flying his F18 (for eye candy purposes only of course,) and scoot over to Europe/Asia/Australia and resume! It could TOTALLY HAPPEN.  

Happy thoughts happy thoughts happy thoughts happy thoughts. This is my dream space, thanks for listening while I ramble.

On to some works in progress pics.

I'm making some quilts for me, since I've only ever kept one. 
This pattern was in Quilty Magazine Winter 2012. I've had it marked "to do" since then. I never said I was fast....
This will be my Math Facts quilt, since I stopped liking math in 6th grade. Lay off me, I discovered boys in 7th grade and all hell broke loose. Totally regret it. LOL  

And I'm FINALLY diving into this gloriously happy fun book by Lori Holt:

You can pick up a copy at the Fat Quarter Shop online. ;)

Here are some of the blocks I've completed so far:
(I apologize for my phone photos, it's all I can manage at the moment.)

And just so ya know--this is the HAPPIEST quilting book you could possibly buy. Ever.In the history of the world. So go buy it now. OK?!

In closing this short little post, if you have more ideas on a non-stationary/mobile business model, shout at me. Never know would could happen when you have great expectations.

See ya soon.


  1. Waahhoo, I love your blog posts , I get so exciting when I see you have written one :-D Sad I know, but hey :-) I am loving your sewing on the road idea, I am so tempted to turn the campervan in to a mini studio (sshhhh don't tell Adi) - I could sew and rock up at craft fairs in her and just pop everything out on a table and hide be behind the curtains whilst my soul is layed out on the table and people are commenting about my hand sewn creations :-D

    1. Zoe you are always so supportive and lovely, I thank you for taking the time to pOp over. Now let's invent a way we can "beam" across the ocean so we can drive Katie around whilst sipping your homemade cordial....and now and then setting up shop on a Fen roadside where people will swarm around trying to get their mitts on our home sewn creations. Yes. It could happen. :D xxxxx

  2. Oooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! eye candy! Your quilt blocks are charming. Good for you!

  3. Hello Natalie! Your posts are charming and your sewing is divine. I have enjoyed reading your blog and catching up on what you have been up to. Keep being happy and delightful! Much love...Nikki (Carr) Wheeler

    1. Awe so good to hear from you Nikki! <3 :D Much love back at ya lady! XO

  4. Egad, your quilt blocks are making me squeal with joy! I adore them! OK, let's get this campervan idea off the ground... I see great potential in it! :D I'm a gypsy at heart and have been aching and squirming to get out of New York for the longest time... let's hit the road, duder! :D Are pugs allowed?


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