A venting sort of post I guess.

You guys.


I'm f'ing H O T in this 90 F degree house.
And by "fing" I mean fudging--hot---because fudge is so ... ..  hot.

But I'm a true Hippie, so I'll carry on with open windows and fresh air....and the feeling of wanting to slap attack anyone who makes me cross. Because it's kinda like being "hangry"--you know that madness that comes over you when you're super hungry? Only it's hot angry not hungry angry--and they're both bears.

 I don't know about you, but I can deal with cold, But put me in the desert and I want to die. Now.

But let me stop complaining and look at the bright side--I'm burning calories trying to cool my body down, right?  errrm...riiight?
Except eating a pint (or two) of ice cream to "cool down" doesn't probably help, does it? LOL


It's been a while, so I should share some updates. Actually I probably shouldn't because some are hideous embarrassments that should be forgotten......  But I can't help myself, if I think it's funny, I just assume you will too!

First up, I painted my sewing room (only two walls-don't faint)--P I N K. Like, super DUPER intensley pinky- pink. In my defense, it was called "Cotton Candy Pink" which is known for being light and fluffy and pastel-ish pink. 


I pouted. I got pissy. A few f bombs took flight. 

Ok, maybe more than a few. Ssshhhh Let's not talk about that.

It was a little crazy, that pink......even for me.
And that's really saying something.

Skip forward 10 hrs....

 I decided to paint over it with Annie Sloan's Antoinette chalk paint, which is a lovely, soft, pastel-ish pink with a hint of brown so it's not overly sweet. (That's what Annie says on her YouTube channel).

I hated it.

I mean I was really r e a l l y repulsed by how it appeared with the woodwork. It was so bad I think I went catatonic staring at it for a few hours, no joke.  I was totally paralyzed with this thought of "what did I just do?!"  I may have cried like a big baby, but I'm not admitting that because I've blocked the memory already and can't recall exactly what happened. 
As you do.

So naturally, I went to bed at midnight or so, after a few cups of gin and tonic green tea, and woke at 5am and started to paint over it with a mixology of white and pink that I blended myself. 
In a bucket I found in the basement. 

Without cleaning it out. 

There is no limit to what I think I can do---in a bad way.  BAHAHAHAHAHA

Did I mention I can be really impatient? You know what I mean too, right? I want my sh*t in place you know?!! I've wanted pink walls for my WHOLE entire life and damn it -- I will have THEM!

*I'm not shouting, you understand, I'm emphasiZing.
Another few hours went by while I let this coat semi-dry. Insert another gin and tonic green tea or two to soothe my soul, and a silent pep talk in my head.

 Back to painting the walls again with clean paint, in a clean bucket,  mixed to be a little paler than the third time round, and a lot paler than the bubblegum madness that happened the first time--but I've blocked it, so I don't recall exactly what happened....You understand.

Anyways, now-- three plus weeks later and a few bottles of Meditative Bubbly gone, my walls are white again.
I'm so ashamed. But--not.  I gave it a reallllllly good "go". 

I'm thinking perhaps this means I have to build a garden shed and paint it all pink, I'm talking even the outside. Maybe this means my front door needs to be pink. Or something.

You know how Oprah has that excerpt at the end of each issue of her magazine "What I know for sure"....  (I love that page..)
What I know for sure is house decorating/painting induces certain madness when the hue isn't quite right. Therefore for the sake of humanity, I surrender. 

My sister in law comes to visit in 2 days and she's impossibly chic, so maybe I'll just have her pick it up where I left it. LOL

Since this blog is a sewing space, here are some pics of a skirt wardrobe I'm working on, since I don't "do" shorts. (Ewe gross. Just the thought of shorts makes me have a wedgie and thigh sweat.)

Here is a pic of a painting I bought at a recent art fair in Madison, it brightens up my white walls. The photo is one I took at Framlingham Castle in Suffolk. 

This bowl was made by a High School student, I picked it up as soon as I saw it, handmade pottery. I am so drawn to this color. Always.

The pink stone is quartz, we bought a bunch of "gems" at our recent Cave of the Mounds visit. There is something therapeutic in having pretty stones lying about. 

See you soon. ;)
You wear your scuba gear in the tub too, right? :D


  1. Ha! I so know about the "just right pink". I painted my filing cabinet pink. It helped sort of. I'm so with you on the heat too. It sends me into a catatonic state.

  2. So funny! I understand the atrocity! Love the scuba gear and your writing makes my day!

  3. I know the feeling, I do the same thing, sit here and feel miserable but with our heat this week, had to have the air and i hate that too. Love the skirt and I still need to try some myself, sick of buying clothes in the store that are not my style at all, and the colors are so gaudy that i end up getting black.


    1. Right Debbie--the air conditioning makes my nose plug up and get all weird. Good to hear from you <3 xo

  4. OK. I think one of the worst things I've ever done is paint my entire apartment in the dead of summer. The colors when we moved in were the most repulsive, revolting, hideous shades I've ever seen, and they were all super dark, so it took THREE coats of primer and two coats of paint, and by the end of that process I was so angry and exhausted that I swore I would never paint again. Nine years later, I haven't yet done it! :) We're in a different apartment these days and I don't even care that we've got "generic apartment cream" walls cause I WILL NOT PAINT AGAIN. :D It's the worst! But I fondly remember my mom letting me choose the color for the bedroom I shared with my sisters and I picked Pepto-Bismol pink. It was horrible, but I loved it! :D

    Hope you get some relief from the heat! :)

  5. Glad to hear that somebody else is struggling with the heat, Its funny in the winter i can't wait for the summer, then in the summer i can't wait for the winter ,
    Well done with the skirt it goes well with the top. Clever you for making a good job of the painting, not easy in the heat .....xx

    1. Same here. I've been dreaming of snow lately. Once it actually hits though, is another story.... LOL

  6. Oh my......I think the impatience runs in the family somewhere..... I do adore the scuba girl...the other one looks as if she is just not sure....

    1. Yes it does (run in the family--on BOTH sides)---I have to temper that bad boy with lots of chocolate and bubbly....but sometimes even that doesn't work.


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