The New "very very old" house we bought.

This Historic home in Wisconsin is 99 years old, and now it's ours.

(I should add for better or for worse, LOL)....

We plan to renovate it just enough to make it functional while keeping the integrity of its old fashioned charm. Here are a few pics of "now" and I'll be documenting the remodeling journey for all to follow along. There is something exciting about a fresh start in a home that has history.

Did I mention the president of the Historical Society stopped by this morning? It was so awesome, he filled me in on the families that have lived here, and is going to stop by with more pictures. He even has a pipe organ for us that belonged to the original owners--free if we want it. (But do I really?) hmmmmmm

I think it was meant to be, nobody I know is more of a historical geek than I am. Ok, maybe a few of you lovelies, but you know what I mean.

Upstairs built in cabinets for linens.

A sweet little Sewing room with magical hidden cubby there on the wall. I'm not sure what that was used for, but I plan on Googling it. 

Door leading to the attic.

The kitchen needs loads of work and updating, but these cabinets stole my heart. They go all the through to the dining room. 

Super awkward layout of the kitchen, so I'll fix that. ;) Or rather a plumber and contractor will!!

I'll be needing some green in my pocket soon. Buy a quilt from me. LOLOLOL

Buy stuff.

Library room. I want to extend these shelves to the ceiling.

Built in cabinet for the dining room.

All seasons porch/ sun room.

The staircase is gorg. It bends around the corner and keeps leading up. They creak something fierce right now LOL.

Master bed with king frame left for us (yay!) That chest I asked for and he gave it to me--it is so gorgeous, lined with cedar wood. Maybe my quilts will go in there.

Another view of the staircase:

bedroom/ office


The basement is huge and open, we plan on making it into a stellar man cave for my husband. This is only a pic of half of it here.
He wants his own apartment space, complete with shower bath and everything......

I'm ALL for it, for times when I'm ready to b*tchslap him, don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about.

Back porch.

View from back of house.

Laundry room with built in cabinets that are super tall. 

Attic steps

Attic space, soon to be tween lounge area (or fabric overload storage-- I haven't decided yet).

So there are a few pics for my friends across the world. More to come in the following weeks, I'm still finding my way through a new job and new surroundings. Hopefully by summer I'll be back to sewing daily. Have a loverly weekend!!!


  1. Wow! The house is beautiful!! I'm sure you will have a wonderful time doing it up.

  2. I love your new house and all of it's charm.


  3. I love it! Very exciting!!
    ~Heidi S

  4. Thanks Heidi---hopefully it stays exCiting ! LOL :)

  5. OMG! I love your house! How excited you must be! The built-in's are amazing. I love built-in's - furniture you don't have to move to clean under/behind. What could be better!

    1. Such truth-I neglect to move furniture to dust and then gag when I finally do get around to moving it. Built ins should be mandatory. LOL :D Thanks for stopping by Michelle!

  6. Oh my gosh! What a lovely home. And so much space. Amazing. Can't wait to see what you do! Really can't wait.

    1. Thanks Debra, hopefully everything will work out without too much heart ache....the plumber is like my BFF lately, LOL.

  7. What a GEM! I will try to call you on Sunday - we just had 2 fun kids (23 & 25 yrs old) come stay with us ast Sun thru Tues -- from London!

    1. WOW that is awsome Jilly! :D Can't wait to catch up with ya.

  8. Oh my gosh, what a wonderful house! I'm so excited for you guys! I'm a huge fan of old houses... they just have so many fun details! Can't wait to see photos when you're all settled in! She's a beauty!

  9. Oh natalie its just as gorgeous inside as it is outside, i look forward in seeing on how you work your charm into making it your dream home, i bet the girls love it!!

    1. Thank you Helen, yes the girls were "exploring" away....They said "Mom, there are SO MANY hiding places!!" LOL

  10. It’s exciting to find a beautiful old house! I really hope you can keep all of the history in it when renovating! It's just so great that you actually get to know the history of the place - I would totally hop on board with getting that organ. Also, I agree, those cabinets are amazing - they are a must keep!


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