Here's my Sari Skirt, made with Sari silky fabric from Joann's. I love the emerald color, and the whispers of cobalt blue make it so interesting to look at. Numerous gores, this skirt is very full, but because of the lightness of the Sari fabric it's light enough to be comfy. I can't wait to pop it on in the summer temps! 

One day I'll get to India. I imagine it as a land of full blown color jam, hot and intense as ever. It's on my bucket list.

I like elastic waist skirts because I make them with a lot of ease--LOL--"tight" doesn't suit me. Especially when I eat cake for breakfast, which is almost every day hardly ever, but I'm just sayin'....
It's against the law to wear tight waist clothing in my house. Ewe.

I know, I've said it a thousand quadrillion times--but I adore the Mission Maxi pattern you guys. Go get it now, or   I'll slap you   you'll be so upset with yourself when you finally do get around to sewing it. You'll say "Self, why didn't I buy this pattern sooner! For shame!"

Seriously--chicness and comfy-ness = nearly perfect wardrobe. I say "nearly" because the only thing that is "perfect" to wear is your birthday suit, but I'm sure you know that already.  Don't look around like I'm talking to someone else--you know it's true.Just remember, your neighbors see EVERYTHING.


I do apologize for my punchiness today.
It is what it is.
Did Shakespeare say that? Or The Beatles?
Or some Frnech person I should know-- C'est la vie....that's it. It was Frenchie.

Da da da donnnnnnnnn:

another Mission Maxi.
You see what I''m talking about? It almost looks JCrew -ish. And instead of $456.98 it's only $12 of fabric and a bit of elbow grease.
(I always hated that phrase but sometimes I use it just to gross myself out for a minute. Are you grossed?)

Gray spandexy-knit combo that manages to cover my lumps without the need for Spanx. I don't do Spanx either, that seems like certain torture to me. Am I right or am I right?

Are you now singing "My lumps, my lumps", ....don't hate on me, it was Fergie who did it.

*Am I the only person who thinks of the Duchess of York when people talk about "Fergie"? Say it ain't so.

Another Mission Maxi in a wonderfully BRIGHT bloom print. I'm all about keeping the spandexy-knit industry alive--keeping these people in business is super important you see, because I'm a S T R E T C H addict and I hope to found a stretch cult one day. Life mission. 

ahhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh                                                c a k e



Then I practically screamed when I saw this silky knit tie-dye bolt in the shop:

 It's so tough but yet bohemain-ish, and silkly to touch, and stretchy, and and and.......
You could totally wear a black leather Moto with this baby, or stretchy haute leather leggins, ya dig?

I kind of messed up with my serger thread being white, but hey--I'm ok with it. Bahah
This high low top pattern is an easy sew pattern, which I can't find right now because I'm in the middle of moving house, I'll update when it surfaces. LOL

Next time I think I'll make the front one piece, that middle seam bugs me a little.

Actually it bugs me a lot. Who the hell puts a seam right between your hunies?  Rolling eyes.

Then I found these little gems in my "Memory Trunk" in my Mom's attic. These aprons were one of the first things I learned to sew. I still love the design.


I hope you have a wonder filled week!

I'm struggling to keep up with things right now, but I know it will get better---moving, new jobs, new schools, commuting until the contracts are signed,----it's LIFE full on! I think of Dory whenever I start feeling like a whiny b*tch --"just keep swimming". She's SO wise.

See you soon!

cake is good for you


  1. you are going to make those Maxis look H-O-T!! and i totally agree about the seam between the sistas! ugh... and i'm TOTALLY stalking your pages to watch for what clothing patterns you are loving...going to try my hand at clothing when we get to Germany...shoulda started it here in Korea...where apparently i'm a big giant oaf that can't fit into anything here.. ;) love you love your work!

    1. Awe thanks girl, I admire your work as well! Don't feel like that, people are so SMALL in Korea!!!! Like--cute midget people with extremely small proportions...who can deal with that?! I remember feeling like that when I was in Hawaii---it sucked for my self esteem. Until I went into Chico's and was a size "0" ...BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA Now tell me more about Germany!!!!!!

  2. You crack me up!! Beautiful sari skirt and that last picture is so fun! Dori is very wise indeed :)

  3. Your wardrobe is so sassy and fun! You're a serious garment seamstress now, miss!!! Good luck with your move and all the things you have up in the air- hope it all goes smoothly and you're able to stay calm in the meantime!

    1. Thank you Sonja! You're my garment making idol you know!! <3

  4. All these look so good on you too....I know, I have seen them on you!! Yes, you are punchy!!
    Maybe it is cheeky, as the Brits and your daughters say.....


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