Peas & Corn Lunch Box sewing pattern makes

This is the Peas and Corn lunchbox pattern by Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness.
I've been a bit obsessed interested in her pattern line, and can't stop ogling the pattern shop on her website. It seems like she comes up with a new bag pattern every time I turn around....and the thing is, I can rationalize buying them because they are so clear. I can understand them. It's not like I'm reading Dutch or Korean, ya know what I mean? 

These little bags are insulated with that thermal stuff, the kind with the silver backing...I bought mine at Joann Fabrics. There are two different versions, but I knew from the start I wanted to make this rounded version. The fabric was calling my name over the internet, it's Snappy Snacks by Nicole's prints for Alexander Henry. Isn't just too cute?!

This Frida print is available online too, from Alexander Henry. I added an iron-on vinyl to the interior of this lunch box. I snapped a few pics of the process , seen below.

Phone pics of the vinyl application:

Peel off the vinyl and lay on the right side of the fabric. Then take the paper you just peeled it from and lay it on top so the grid is facing you, and press.

Slowly peel off and there you go! Water resistant fabric!

I use my walking foot to sew layers together after applying the vinyl, as it can be tricky with a normal sewing foot. Sometimes I use my teflon foot, but I've found the walking foot is best for me.

I also wanted to stress how helpful these little red clips were in this project---I usually use them for my quilt binding....but I saw Sara had them in the pattern pictures, so I thought I'd try it. Good Lord did they help a LOT!!!! WAY better than pinning, especially the tight little corners and multiple layers that this pattern has. Great tip Sara!

Picture of the assembly process with all the clips helping me out:  (inside out).

I really enjoyed these makes. I found the vinyl lunchbox much more challenging, as the layers would sometimes slip a bit and I messed up the binding on the last leg (but that's my own fault)....Definitely worth sewing, they come together in a few hours, and are OH SEW cute! 

I'm off to get some sewing time in. Have a great last week of February!

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  1. Such cute lunch bags! I love Sara's bag patterns (Velocity Girl bag is my favourite) and you are right they are so clear and easy to follow. And when I had a moment and couldn't get my head round something I emailed her and she got back to me so fast and explained it another way.

    1. That is so great Sarah-a hallmark of a devoted & caring pattern maker! Fab! I'm going to try out the Velocity bag, I haven't made that one yet. ;D

  2. I want one!!!!! These are so cute!!!

    1. Ruby (my 5 yr old) said you should make a Pug lunch box. LOL :) I think she's obsessed with your IG feed.

  3. I've been thinking about using the iron on vinyl for the outside of my son's lunch box as well. Any thoughts? How well has the vinyl held up. I have some pull-on vinyl on order.

    1. Hi Meg, the vinyl worked for about 3 months. After that is started to crack and peel. I've used it on the outside of my grocery totes and it lasted much longer, I'm guessing because there aren't so many curves in a simple box tote. My Mom uses her vinyl on the inside of her makeup zipper case, and it's lasted a year except around the top zipper part-it peels there a little. Hope this helps. Thanks for stopping by. XO


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