Hearts, Fabric, and Pink & Red

This skirt was supposed to be my Valentine Dinner outfit.

I spent several hours sewing it up, using 2 1/2 yards of my fave Anne Kelle fabric, pink and red hearts. I even remembered to pack my red cowgirl boots for the journey from the UK to the USA, all because of this planned dinner date.


I forgot to look at the "finished measurements" on the sewing pattern I used.

The one time I decide to follow a garment pattern to the "T" -instead of winging it...because, you know, I wanted it to be perfect.

Short story long, I sewed it all up and tried it on. Ummmm....hold breath in, suck in stomach, lay flat on the bed, gulp air.....c'mon zipper!!!
The waist ended up being 25 1/2"---which unfortunately, mine is not. I can't snap the waist band shut, and really the zipper only goes up about half way.  But you know what? I'm UPBEAT!


It's alllllllll good, because it's a humbling experience and it will fit some skinny b*tch out there--to whom I will gladly give it.

Yay  Win/Win

So, if you  have that tiny of a waist and would like to have this poofy skirt, just email me and I'll ship it to ya. Really.  (hungryhippie (at) live.com) I won't even put "Dear Skinny B*tch, here's your loveRly skirt..."  

But back to the story!
My lovely friend Amy was game to shoot some photos for me in honor of Valentine's Day. I love her, she's so creative and "cool" and acts like she doesn't even know it.
Kinda like I picture Johnny Depp being, you know-those people that just "have it" but aren't snotty about it? Like that.

I like the term "Gal-entine's Day" (thanks Amy Poehler) for those single ladies out there. It's not allll about being a couple, it's about LOVE. It's about pink. Flowers. Chocolate. Heart boxes with chocolates. Decorations. Pink..... .Bubbles!!! (As in champagne dahhhlings.)
Fun things that make you happy. February is sorta the last Winter-y month too, so fireplaces and blankets are a treat to be enjoyed. Late nights reading the next juicy Outlander novel? Yes please.
What will you be doing on Valentine's Day? Sewing? Quilting? Crafting? It all sounds divine to me!

Like my balloon? I was so sad because I couldn't find a cute one---and Amy was all like "Oh, I'll just photoshop one in there, no prob."   Amazed. Right here. Now, can you photoshop my waist to 25 1/2" too? LOLOL

Hair = candy floss pink by Crazy Color (semi-permanent)
Boots = Ariat Womens Boot  
Photography with skirt/mylar balloon = Dreibelbis & Fairweather
Fabric for Skirt = Anne Kelle

This skirt could be so fab with a crinoline under it.
Poof it out even more, get that Mad Men silhouette going on! I have such a crush on Christina Hendricks. For real, can you get more glam that she? I think not.

I hope you have a fun, love filled Valentine's Day, even if it's by yourself. Love yourself first.
If I've learned anything from all my time listening to Dr. Wayne Dyer and Eckart Tolle, it's that we have the POWER to be happy -within ourselves. Nobody else can make it happen. 

I found red trains/cabooses in my Dad's train set up. ;) Aren't they cute? Ruby asked me if her Barbie could take a ride on one.....errmmm..... Don't think Barbie will fit in there, she'd be like a Godzilla Barbie. LOL

Some hand made Valentine Bugs for you too:

Artists: Mia & Ruby ages 7 and 5

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  1. Oh no, what a shame about the skirt! I wish I could fit in it, but I like bagels too much!


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