Quilting and sewing my heart out since the job thing hasn't come through.

So, the job thing hasn't been as easy as I pictured it to be. Despite my positive thinking and good intentions, my registered nurse license will have to wait a bit for reinstatement. Maybe this has happened for a reason. Maybe I'm "meant" to make my little brand really "GO". Maybe I'm supposed to be home with my kids and focus on homemaking while I am able to. Maybe all these are my own excuses for dropping the ball ...

But whatever it is, it IS.

So now instead of feeling sorry for myself I will focus on what I CAN DO---right now. I will sew until my hands fall off to help make whatever money I can and contribute to the family needs, as I have been for the past six years. I won't worry about the other stuff because all that matters is that everyone is alright. Right now, everyone is all right.

So there's my story, hope I haven't bored you to death, but I was feeling so low a few weeks ago and now I realize all that worry is for nothing. Nothing is really under our control, so why beat ourselves up about it? Do what you can, and let the rest fall into place. 

Do you ever have thoughts like this? 

Now back to my regularly scheduled post. ;)

I made this heart quilt one night after surfing Pinterest far too long.... There is so much inspiration on there sometimes I walk away feeling like a loser. I know it's not meant to do that, but man-I don't know, sometimes I just feel so drained. That's when I know it's time to take a Pinterest break.

But it's so addicting.
It's like-- computer crack.

Kinda like Netflix tv shows, I'm hooked on The Originals and Vampire Diaries. Don't judge. I like my teen dramas LOL.  (They always have great music in the background.) I put them on while I sew, that way I don't feel overly guilty, but when I watch Breaking Bad I just sit there and bite my nails. It's horrible, hahahaha.
Anyways, I'm selling this heart quilt on Etsy if you fancy a look, my shop is linked on the right sidebar of this blog.

I also finished (finally!!!) my scrappy stars quilt. I made this entirely from scraps, nothing new was purchased other than the batting. It's got linen sashing and bordering which gives it a lovely texture and feel. Linen softens up a lot with washing too, so I'm excited about that. 

Hobo skull bag, I linked the pattern to this bag on my last post.
I want to keep it, and maybe I will...

But when something takes you sooooo long to make, doncha just feel like getting some cash for it? This is a struggle for me always, time is money, honey. A dilemma.  I won't pretend to be all  "free love and I don't need cash for living type of person" even though I am a left sided Hippie. I needs fabric and chocolate-- ya got me?   ;)

And speaking of needs....

True love is when your husband/partner lets you boss them around during a photo shoot, patiently following directions and doing everything you shout calmly direct them to do.
And then later telling you in a nice way that you'd be a great film director because you "have bossiness in your veins, you're a natural"....  ummmm.....

The truth can sting like a bee sometimes.

However, five minutes later I'm over it.

How many bags can one person have? 

This magical stuff called "Soft & Stable" is so amazeballs. I was using ultra firm interfacing that would kill me when I'd sew it. This S&S is like foam, but stands up on its own--it's truly changed my game (Yo). I used it in this bag:

And not in this bag: 

This is my gorg Mama, and I am so envious of her super-duper extra large bag!! I want to steal borrow it, but she won't let me. She can be so selfish ... hahahaha!  (I'm kidding.)
She used that S&S in her bag too--see?

Incorporating leather details on my product line. I feel the need to step -it-up-a-notch, ya know, like closer to Kate Spade or something.....

 This week my kiddo turned seven. Where does the time go?

My other kiddo is a ham, posing for pics and giving me loads of attitude. I wouldn't change a thing.

What have you been up to? I feel guilty for not posting more regularly, but then, --- not. I love checking in on everybody's makes, and I'll try to comment more often. Thank you for stopping by, you mean a lot to me, virtual friend or in-person friend. XOXO


  1. I went to nursing school, but never finished. I ended up writing for medical sites, then I got into crafting, so sometimes the direction we head in, isn't where we end up. Love the photos of the girls and your mom, you have a beautiful family.


    1. So true Debbie, I think we find our way somehow, if we're open to receiving it. Thank you <3

  2. Found your blog after your lovely comment on mine. Hope job works out but in meantime that you enjoy extra crafting. Love your quilts!

  3. You and your mom are twins! Cuties! I love your quilts... they're always so good. Dude, I totally and completely hear you about the job thing. I'm mega underemployed right now and starting to give up hope that I will find something (I'm desperately trying to get away from my film & TV job as the hours are just too horrible... but yes, I'm bossy in case you or your husband were wondering). It's so hard to feel like you're not contributing enough to the family economy! I know everything will work out for you in the end and you've got such a good attitude in the interim. Good luck, lady!

    1. Thanks lady! I think about you sometimes when I'm quilting super early or super late--it must be such a challenge to be on TV work hours--I can only imagine. Good luck to you too! Something will come along. XO


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