I finally got around to sewing this tulle skirt I've had on my list for over three years. No judgement allowed. LOL
It's 15 yards of tulle, 5 yards of chiffon, and 4.75 yards of silky touch satin for the underskirt. It came together in a night, so not terribly difficult, but would I make them to sell? Probably not. Some things are enjoyable the first time around. Only.
You know, like drinking an entire bottle of Malbec because it seems sophisticated, in the moment.. .
 ...  .. ........
But that's another story.

My Mom spotted this vintage coat for me in a thrift shop and decided I must have it. I tend to agree, and yes, I support PETA but you know, this is like 50 years old so let's just be happy the rabbits didn't die in vain, ok? I'm using it this winter as it's minus 10 outside-cold enough to freeze my nose hairs and stab my lungs. Thank you rabbits, I am so grateful to be warm whilst modeling my tulle skirt.

I mean really---couldn't there be an issue with every.single.thing.out there available to buy? Some cause to campaign for? Or against? I mean, we all are driving cars around, polluting the Earth and stuff, so I don't want any hate comments about my rabbit coat.  LOL!!!

Can you tell I'm sensitive about it?

I bought some winter super soft fleece for my girls, (50% off at Joann Fabrics right now)--they love to run around in jammies on these snow days (no school). Mia chose bugs/spiders and Ruby chose pink foxes. I think I'll have to make myself a pair very soon! Do I choose space ships and aliens or something more subtle like hot pink leopard print? Hmmm....decisions, decisions. 

My husband wasn't to be left out of the fun, he practically demanded for me to go back to the sewing room. I thought since onesies are the go-to garment for sex appeal I should make him one. Note the ultra plush fabric HE picked out. Such a trend setter I tell you.

I know you're wondering, so I'll tell you. The space shuttle slippers are from Think Geek, they are so comfy! I may or may not steal them repeatedly... No confessions here.


 A girl can never have too many bags you know...
And it's good to use up those fat quarters I seem to have left from various projects. 

What do you make with left over bits of fabric?

I super duper love this hobo purse pattern I found in a quilt shop in Rockford,IL called Quilter's Haven. If you're in that area I highly recommend visiting them, they are so helpful and nice. They stock fabric, patterns, sewing machines, and long arm machines, so it's a one stop shop.
I've long been a fan of Pink Sand Beaches patterns, they are so well written and clear to me-which I confess is a rarity.

I started making those leather tassels which are all the rage of late. I found some really soft leather on fabric.com so it's been fun experimenting with it. 

Did I mention my kids are on their fifth snow day (off from school)? They've only been back one day since Xmas break. I am going MENTAL.
Why. must. they. yell at each other? Constantly. SO SO SO over it. 
Any advice appreciated.

I was going to tell the story of my new sewing machine, but I'll save it for another day. :D  I've been sitting too long and now my booty is numb.

See you soon! 


  1. What a fun post and I love seeing you in your new skirt and coat. I also love fleece jammies, with the freezing cold lately, that is my day wear, lol. My husband used to get me funny slippers, but I explained to him, they look fun but not to walk in;)


    1. Haha so true Debbie, walking in slippers like this forces one to walk stiff legged like a robot,....LOL... :) Keep warm!

  2. Hi Nat, love the pics in the snow, are those the lovely red cowboots ya wearing :)
    As for the coat, it's lovely. As you say, it's vintage. I live near The Warren, where they used to farm the rabbits for both food and skins.... I eat cows too and wear leather.... love the tassels.
    Jan x

    1. Thank you Jan!! Good to hear from you, how's Blighty? :D

    2. Cold and damp :) Snow up north but non here :)

  3. I am extremely impressed along with your writing abilities, Thanks for this great share.


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