Four quilts in two weeks...This is how life is supposed to be! :D

This lovely quilt design was in the Jan/Feb 2013 issue of Quilty magazine. It only took me two years to get around to making it, but hey-that's life, right? I made some changes to the overall design to suit me and cut up three yards of that lush Michael Miller heart print for the backing. Then because my free motion foot for my Bernina is not here yet (overseas move takes a while ya know)--I had to quickly learn how to use my Mom's Pfaff free motion foot. Her machine is fancy schmancy so I do confess it took me a while to get it down, but once I had it away I went. I don't think my family has seen me since....
I'm free motion quilting in the basement every day now. It's okay to be addicted to -- quilting--- riiight?
So enough words, on with the pics.

Oh, and before I forget, I did a super short video on Instagram showing me in the process. If you have any doubts about free motion - watch the video really quick and you'll see--it's SO EASY. SO FREEING! NO RULES! This is why I love it, because I never have been a gal to really follow directions/rules/the establishment very well.

But those confessions are for another day dahhhhhhhling. ;)

These hearts piece together with tiny squares and rectangles-great for a beginning quilter! Seriously, if I can do this, so can you!

I've always used Kona solids in my quilts, but this one is a mish mash of various whites I had in stock (my Mom's stash ssshhhhhhh don't tell her!!!)---so I'm feeling frugal and Earth friendly which is a major bonus in my book. LOL

I've whittled her stash enormously since being back from England.
It's been six weeks now, and I think she's wondering where her fabric has gone. She probably thinks I've stuck it in drawers or cupboards. HAHAHAHA ooops

I live by the motto- "use it or lose it" so I don't feel guilty at all.

Like my red cowgirl boots? I think they're sassy.

Ready for my abstract quilt?
This design comes from another issue of Quilty, though the colors were different in the issue. I saw it and gasped--I love minimalism, so this was a must make.

My friends Amy and Ben over at Dreibelbis and Fairweather Photography took these stunning photos of my quilt. I was definitely cheeky by taking it with me on our social visit, and casually whipped it out with evil plans in my head of using their studio for a back ground....Well, they, being the social upper crust of society and all, offered to photograph it for me. Of course I restrained myself from doing cartwheels and jumping stars (barely) -- but probably said far too enthusiastically "Oh, yes please!!!!"....

So here are the pics.

Take a moment to pop over to their website, they are mega forces in the creative industry. I'm so lucky to have them in my back yard.
Not literally in my back yard, of course...bahahaa, though that would be so fun yo! For reals!
Remember, in previous posts I've warned that when I get excited I start talking like Tu Pac. I seriously have no idea why, because I never ever listen to rap. It's bizarre.

 This is my own photo, I wanted to show you the snow. It started snowing these huge flakes and I grabbed my boots and shouted to my husband "COME OUTSIDE-HURRY!!!! I think he thought I was on fire or something because he rushed out in his onesie (previous post), and wasn't amused.     At all... .. .
And being seen by the Fed Ex man in his onesie, well that tipped him over the edge you guys...

The back is Riley Blake's wide back chevrons. I love the wideback fabrics! I buy all mine from Hawthorne Threads now, they are so fast with shipping it to me.

Are you drooling over this studio? I know.

Then the other two quilt finishes this week you saw on my last post, but here's a quick recap. 

For the past few months I've been playing with a quilt design in my head--so for two days I've been cutting, sorting, sewing, and then unpicking stitches to manifest this idea ....

I stayed up till 3 am last night arranging and rearranging this design.
It's patchwork, It's colorful. It's totally HungryHippie.
Wish me luck it turns out right, because I want it SO BAD.

I don't have design software or anything, so it's literally me diving in and hoping it works out. (As usual.) I overuse "literally", don't I? Annoying.

Anyways, I hope to share it soon. It's going to be mega huge-which will be a challenge to stipple quilt on my home machine, but hey-I never say no to a challenge.

What are you working on this week? This month? This year?
Do you quilt at home or send them out to be quilted? I'm considering investing in a midi quilting machine rather than a long arm just because they are so expensive and so HUGE. My goal is to sell enough quilts to finance a real quilting machine in less than two years. I don't "do" credit, it makes my stomach hurt. I get all nervous if I have balances outstanding, with anyone or any credit companies. I think the recession of 2011-2013 did a douzy on me, and I suppose living abroad changed my thinking as well. What are your thoughts on this? I also wouldn't want to be forced into quilting other people's quilt tops for money to pay for my machine, because sometimes what others' think is gorgeous I think is downright hideous---you know what I mean? I can't "do" ugly you guys. I just can't. Everyone has their own aesthetic --and I know mine is strong/bold and not everyone's cup of tea, but I own it, and I like what I like. End of.


Have a lovely day, & get sewing!



  1. You have been busy, and all of the quilts are beautiful.
    Great designs to decorate with.


  2. Damn girl! You're so fast!!!!! I don't blame you in not wanting to take on other people's quilting. I sew like a freakin' turtle when I have to make something I'm not feeling. It's just not fun to make things you're not into! So I totally get that.

    1. Exactamento. Can you imagine making a Bomber jacket (one of your latest makes) out of--I don't know--fabric with geese and camouflage ? Insanity. lololol

  3. I'm so giddy to get mine in the mail! Looking forward to seeing your next creation.

    1. I have a story about the mailing of said quilt--LOL. WIll text you! :D

  4. ummmm....I was wondering what was happening to my fabric........Love the pics in the snow on MY front porch!!

  5. As a quilt maker i can appreciate what beautifully made quilts yours are ....xx


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