Farewell England. 
You've changed my life forever.

 Whitby, Yorkshire

A place where blue damaske wallpaper is perfectly acceptable.

A place where the roses grow wildly, everywhere...

A place where I learned to quilt.

A place where sealing letters with wax seals is still happening.

A place where I learned to make homemade chocolate truffles, among other things.

A place where I learned to make my own clothing, and people weren't bothered if I matched my olive drab sateen dress with a faux fur red shrug.

Where friendships were made.

Where there was enough time to slow down and experiment with projects and recipes, like these marshmallow pops.


More quilts.

More recipes.

 A place where a cuppa tea cures all..... 

It's been grand.
It's been wonderful.
It's been such a lesson to me, on life in general.
People say they understand the "world view"--but let me just say this:
I "thought" I understood how life was different outside my bubble in America....

I didn't even come close.

To be truly aware of the differences another country or culture lives by I think it's paramount to actually live there. We (the US & the UK) speak the same language, and yet the culture is so completely different. After six years here, this is what I notice most:

1. European clothing. Cut closer to the body, slimming, more attractive shape. Even thought bodies are not super skinny, even if the person is plus size-they wear clothing made for their body size. The dreaded baggy look is not done here, daaaaarlings.

2. People work to live, not live to work. They live for their holidays, period. Everyone I've known goes on Holiday somewhere, be it Cornwall or Rhodes. They make it happen.

3. In general, I see people are much more frugal and wise with money and "stuff" like furniture and clothing. It's not as throw-away as it is in America.  That being said, it's expensive as sh*t here! Usually double the price of whatever it would be in the USA.

4. In the UK, people are super super polite. "Please" and "Thank you" are a must, no matter what or who you're dealing with. 

5. Please, no awkward body contact if you're British. LOL The number of times I would go to hug and get a stiff board as a response--I didn't realize it until much later, they don't. want. to . be. touched.  hahahhhhaha Much different than San Antonio, TX. ;)

6. One drink at a meal. That's all you get sucker. If you would like more, then pay for it. **I was such a guzzler of fizzy drinks before coming here-loads and loads of Diet Coke at meals. That stopped in a hurry!!! I don't think I've had a Diet Coke in ages and ages.
My six year old just reminded me an "age" is approx 2150 years.  
I Googled it, and she's right. 

7. Quizes are social events. For real. Held in the local pub usually, they are quite the event. ;)

8. Dress up. Even if it's your neighbor's Xmas party, dress your arse up. I made the mistake of going in my gillet (puffy vest by Northface) with skinny jeans, I thought I was fab,.....boy did I get an earful! Lesson learned.

9. I learned Americans in general are happy smilers, and if you walk around smiling in London it will get you the ugly eye. People might wonder if you're slow. Just my experience, could be nothing...could be me.

10. The UK can take you through four weather seasons in ONE single day. No kidding. Pack that puffy coat, a furry hat, a rain coat (Mac), wellies, a tank top (vest here), jeans, possibly a skirt or shorts if your legs are shaved, and maybe even a swimming "costume".  No kidding. And if it's sunny and hot when you wake up, it's sure to be cold as hell by afternoon.
Just my experience, again--it could be just me.


I hope you can travel or live somewhere other than where you were brought up. It is eye opening and wonderful if you let it be.  Thank you to all my friends who have helped me, supported me, dealt with my craziness, and everything else in between. Every single person was right on time. ;)

Thank you readers for following me through this journey as well. I'm signing off for a while.

See you next year.

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  1. I did enjoy traveling along with you.
    I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and many blessings in the coming year.


    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Ok now I'm signed into my blog, LOL... Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to you and yours Debbie. I am so grateful to you for your comments throughout these past few years. I can't wait to see what you do in the future, I enjoy your blog Woolen Sails so much. Have a lovely Holiday.

  2. Yey , a blog post, how I have missed thee so :-D Loved all those comparisons, re getting the evil eye if you smile, that is not you, that is soooo true! You seem to get it in more built up areas for some reason, like Cambridge, London etc. I once smiled and chatted to an older lady on my way in to work in Cambridge ..... wow did i get a look and spat back 'what did you say!?' . Well I responded back saying that I was only commenting on how lovely it was to see someone picking up litter and that my children and I do that in our village .... her response was 'oh sorry, I get so much abuse for doing this' What!!! bonkers !!

    And the stiff as a board when getting a hug, my family are real huggers but I also have learnt how to not just go up and hug everyone as, like you say, you end up hugging a lamppost :-D You really have to study body language a lot to work out if you can get a hug out of someone or not :-D

    Missing you already ...... I hope you are having a fab time over there and please do keep blogging, I love reading your posts so much :-D xxx

    1. You're so lovely Sweet pea,. missing you too. . .
      Totally bonkers about the litter-picker-upper lady, how sad she gets abuse for doing something good. SMH

    2. Sweetpea you know that was me, I was on my Mom's computer. LOLOLOL :D

  3. I've so loved your window into this part of the world and all your photos of lovely England! I'm always scheming ways to live and work overseas, but haven't found a way yet (seriously, if someone ever looks through my computer search history it will be 50% "how to move to Sweden" and 50% "pug in slippers"). In the meantime I just have to content myself with the fact that coming from small town Indiana, living in LA and now NYC are kind of like living overseas! :)

    All the best to you as you start a new chapter of life! Happy holidays!!!!! I look forward to hearing from you when you're settled in the new place!

    1. I love this comment!!! And I agree 100% NYC and LA are totallllly like living on another planet compared to the good ol' Midwest!

  4. England misses you already!! <3


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