Top Etsy Finds for the Holidaze ahead, and other ramblings.

For the Holidays I mainly shop online. I avoid stores like the plague, I just can't deal with zaney, slightly psychotic, advert induced craziness in people.
**I just don't get it. At all.**
Sooooo.....if I can't "make" the present for the intended, I find it on the web.

I'm completely addicted to Etsy browsing, it's redonkulous. 

I'll share some of the 373 favorites I have right now, and then below the pics are the links in case you feel like snapping it up. ;)

gold feather mug

Paris Art Print - Bonjour. Wall Art. Room Decor

Personalized LATITUDE & LONGITUDE Gold and Leather Bracelet, Hand Stamped, Engraved Bracelet, Gold Bracelet, Leather Bracelet, Monogrammed

I would get this for myself with the Lat & Long of Tintagel, Cornwall.  Cause that's where my heart lives.

Green Onyx Wings/ Ear Cuffs/ Ear Jackets/ Earjackets/ Gold Ear Cuffs/ Lanie Lynn Vintage Jewelry/ Edgy Earrings/ Interchangeable Earrings

Sugar Skull Catrina Calavera Blue Hair - Wall Clock

Bitches Get Stuff Done coffee mug- Maid of Honor or Bridesmaids gift

Frida's Garden earrings

Large Saber Tooth Tiger Skull Airbrushed in 24k Gold - Unique Home Decor

ziggy stardust belt buckle, david bowie buckle 268

Everybody needs some Bowie in their life. I know Esme would agree, and she's only seven. (Wicked style, that girl.)

Married to the Sea . 16 x 20 giclee art print
It's a print, but I do love it, and have for years.

Small Hanging Terrarium, Glass Terrarium, Geometric Teardrop Shape Plant holder With chain and crystal.

I'd Be Your Tribute - Greeting Card - Hunger Games

Yes, I would Leslie. I'd be yours.

Space Echo Socks

Typographic Print, Don't Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle, Inspirational Quote, Motivational Quote, Typography Print, Black and White.
Never! Sparkle on.   I think it's against the law to let somebody dull your sparkle, right Von?

Many more awaits you on Etsy. Definitely worth the time to find that special something. 

Meanwhile, on planet Earth, I've been sewing, stitching, and probably too much bitching ...but that's another story. Let's stay happy here. 

Shirt I blinged out for my friend with custom stitches:

Thanks for being such a great model Nessa. ;)

I've been trying to hustle and get some runners done for Xmas listings, but they are taking me F OR E VERRRRRRR..............

I created  this poinsettia one the other day and intend to write a simple PDF pattern for it.  Fingers crossed.

The edges of the flower are frayed and will continue to rag up a bit after each wash. I like that-feels bohemian to me.  Let's ignore the thousands of gold French knots.

Making a thousand French Knots is like. like--- baking croissants....who the hell would do it? Who would put themselves through the torture of all that dough-slapping,butter whacking craziness when Waitrose has a four pack for 99pence?
I don't know. 

(Shhhh. Some of us are gluttons for a challenge. Any challenge. **Zoe I'm looking at you with your break dancing habit.)


I bought a pattern from Shabby Fabrics for this runner and then changed it up a bit, as you do....You know, support the creator, then do your own thang....
I believe in Karma.

On the Karma note,
sometimes I struggle with hurt feelings when friends or acquaintances straight up copy what I do. Such blatant copying that people think it's my product, but without my tag. It stinks for a small business to deal with this, especially when you know the people personally....but.....choices are just that. I choose to forget it and move on. It is what it is.

(Happy place!)

I'm determined to get my scrappy quilt done before the pack up lorry is here! Might have to burn the midnight oil......for a few days........or.........something.   :/

It's totally crazy and wonky and mismatched and-----wonderful!
It's been a work-in-progress for a few years, slowly adding squares with each scrap-bin purge I make.
It's fun to see something grow from the off cuts.

I always tell my girls there are no mistakes. Even though my seams don't line up I think it will be wonderful to look at, curled up on the couch with a nice hot cup of tea, watching a fire crackle.
mmmmmmm  Ok, so I was actually visualizing Kevin Costner in Robin Hood, but never you mind... 


What would you do if you knew everything would be alright?
I wonder.




  1. I love everything (as usual), but I might need to have that feather mug and the jade ear jackets!!

    1. YOU bought the feather mug! I KNOW IT because now it's gone!!! :D LOLOLOL

  2. Great post, filled with all things fab! Got to love Etsy, it's definitely a happy place for me too :-)
    Loving the look of your scrappy quilt too, it's a labour of scrappy love!

    1. I'm on Etsy again...it's nearly 1 am....oh dear.....

  3. All pretty cool stuff and so you.......

  4. Stop it, you temptress! Now I want all these things!


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