Ten tips to keep you healthy this winter.

I love winter, the cuddles, the fire side reading, the coziness of knowing my family is right here beside me...... But, tending to four sniffling noses and chesty coughs or what not is no fun. This winter season I'm determined to keep everyone healthy (in hopefully a non-obsessive way)! 

Here are my top ten tips.



10. Have green tea moments. 

By this I mean brew a cup of green tea and sit down to reflect on whatever is racing through your mind. Seriously, even a few minutes is so beneficial. I won't say "meditate" because I'm a realist, and I rarely have time to actually meditate myself, so there you go. Five minutes, Green tea = loads of antioxidants for your body and mind.

Green tea has numerous benefits, from helping to prevent cancer to giving you more energy.  Here is a short blurb with some information and motivation for you to start brewing.

*Personally I love the Green Oolong tea by Tea Garden, and Twinings Lemon Green Tea is lovely in the morning.

9. Steer clear of processed foods and excess sugar.  

image via conscious life news .com

You're thinking "How can I do that during the Holidays?"  Well, I know it's not easy. What works for me is if I indulge one day, the next few days I don't....  So ten cookies on Monday will equal no cookies until the weekend. I don't do it for weight management, I do it because I feel so shitty after eating excess sugar. I get head aches, my body feels lethargic, I get moody...... 

When I need a deep cleanse I run to Isagenix and do their Nine day detox plan. It is so effective I often think "Why don't I do this all the time?"   I suppose because I'm a creature that rebels against being "told what to do"........Sorry, not sorry. That's me.

So, I keep ISA on hand and do it at least once a month. Amazing. If you want info about it, here is the website, or contact me and I'll set you up on a convo with my friend Leslie.  Here is a podcast on the science behind it all. 

I run a Pinterest board as well, full of healthy recipes and vegetarian meals. If you fancy a look, here is where I pin.

8. Wash your hands. A lot.

Doesn't matter what soap you use, just use it and spend 30 seconds really washing those mitts. This is such an easy thing to do, and many people skip it--naaaaasty.
I printed out this kids website list of "Why do I need to wash my hands?"  so that my littles can read it often. Here is the link if you'd like to print it.

image via kelsius .com

7. Exercise. 

Walk. Use the stairs. Pick up your toy-laden house to dance music. You get the idea. Just MOVE your body. ;) 

image via cougars with class.com

"Couchercising" works too you guys. Do some squats or lunges during the commercial breaks. Get up, get your blood flowing. Hell, if all hope is lost for you, at least do your kegels!        ;)  ha

6. Make a green smoothie for breakfast...or lunch....
or dinner.

I make super simple ones: spinach, coconut milk, banana, greek yogurt. Done.
This website has easy, no fail smoothie tips and recipes for you to follow. 

Smoothies are such an easy way to get all your vitamins in.  (I say that to myself now in the British accent way--LOL--love it so much. VIT-amins, like "kit".  heehee

My smoothie this morning:

Yes, frozen spinach works too!

Another great super food is kale. I bought this recipe collection a few years ago online, and was completely impressed. 

5. Sleep

Get some.
I know I'm the worst person to tell somebody to get more sleep, because I am a super duper insomniac....but....it does make a difference.
You know it's true.

This article is an excellent reminder of the numerous benefits of deep sleep.  "Deep sleep provides the normal stimulus for much of the release of growth hormones which enhance both the body's immune function as well as brain repair and development."

4. Make a contribution to your local community.

Sharing feels good. Giving to others is one of life's great pleasures. It doesn't have to be money or material things, it could be time or energy. Volunteer in your local soup kitchen, homeless shelter, or maybe your child's school. Every Thursday I give a few hours to my children's school, I just sit and read with the kids. At first I thought it would be so boring, and frankly I'm busy yo! But....the magic happened.  

It's not much, but it's something. It helps my soul.

Appalling factoid:
13 million people live below the poverty line in the UK
41 million in the USA

image via do something.org

3. Organize & Prioritize

Make a "to-do" list and stick to it. Even if the list keeps growing, it's so gratifying to see those items being checked off. I always think the night before, "What is most important for me to complete tomorrow?" That will be priority one.

Have your list in a prominent area to remind yourself of tasks needing completion. Before adding to it, really ponder if it needs to be added. This leads me into the next tip.......

I don't think I'm the only one who cusses a blue streak when my pots and pans clatter all over the floor. LOL

2. Learn to say "no"----without the guilty feelings.

If there is one thing I tell people when they ask me about running my little business, it's the ability to say no. It still isn't easy, and I continually struggle with it, but it was a revelation to see that people are TOTALLY FINE  when I have to say "sorry, no." 

It's better to do this, then to put your family or yourself at risk of incredibly bitchy behavior because you're over taxed and strung out.....all for---what? Their happiness? I think not.
Don't. Just don't.

If I'm in limbo about something, I say it. "I'm not sure I can fit that in right now, can I let you know in a few days time?"  Or the classic "Oh, sorry, my kids have XYZ on that week..." 
Everybody has been there, and trust me-they'll live.  

How People Pleasers Can Learn to Say "No" More Often

1. Look after yourself with the highest priority. 

 Search for what makes you really happy and do it. Buy yourself little things like scented drawer liners, or a luxe bubble bath, or a really good, juicy, hot romance novel. Whatever. Just do it, and stop feeling guilty about it. Like to craft or create? Set time aside for this. Get up an hour earlier on the weekends and do it before the heathens children awaken. Or put them to work doing some craftiness while you are near by doing the same. Ask (kindly) for your husband to take the kids out for a few hours, or if you're single, ask a friend to trade favors-- one day you watch all the kids, the next she/he does. You see? It can work. It will do wonders for your sanity.

You know the saying-- "Ain't nobody happy unless Momma's happy"....well it's SO true. Take that time for You. Not Momma, not wifey, just _______ (insert name).  YOU are worth it. 
A really wonderful book on finding your happiness in creating is The Artist's Way. You don't have to be an artist to appreciate this book, far from it.....Wisdom and insight are abundant in here, this is probably the number one book I recommend to my friends. Along with Simple Abundance and Finding Your Own North Star.  

These are life changing books, check them out. I'm always down to learn, especially if it makes my life better. Ya dig?

image via self love.blogspot.co .uk

I hope this list helps you a bit. 

It helped me to write it. :D

Have a glorious week my friends, know that you aren't alone in whatever struggles you may have. We all have them. 

See you soon.


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