It's been a crazy busy fun-filled month so far--and things are looking to speed up even more!  It's been unusually warm this Autumn here in England as well, so it sort-of feels like it shouldn't be this late in October yet. . .

Hey, you know the line- "time flies when you're having fun"....

That's the line I try to live by.

Just ask the chap that walked up near my car window last week when I was belting out vintage Rod Stewart (like a boss)-- while a train had me trapped in place. I was singing at the top of my lungs, banging on my steering wheel as a drum and all, when I felt somebody looking at me.  Insert my brain saying "say it ain't so!"........

Yes. He was older aged with the classic English gent costume of wellies, jacket, and flat cap, walking his dog. That's when I just shrugged my shoulders while turning the music down a tad, and said "Gotta love Rod Stewart!"  To which (thankfully) he replied "Well of course!" with a half laugh/smile/chuckle reaction probably trying to save me from embarrassment.

As I was already highly embarrassed, not only for being caught singing, but VINTAGE 1980's Rod Stewart--I mean, can a girl get ANY cool points for this? (Probably not.)  Anyways, as I was saying--since I was already crimson and fidgety I gave a loud "Whoo-hoo!" as I pressed the pedal to the metal and jetted out of there fast as that train guard went up. I was laughing for the next ten minutes straight.....He might have been too, never know.

Find Rod here.

And for the record, normally I'm insanely cool with my musical selection and blast Radiohead or Nirvana. I feel the need to let you know that.

*However, I still pine after Miami Vice's Don Johnson sometimes, those white loafers and white balloon trousers with pleats were the bomb yo. He was such a hottie! And the soundtrack was always slammin'.

Ok time to say goodbye to 1987.


I wanted to show you my awesome socks. Often times it's the best part of my outfit. And nobody really sees them, so it's kinda sad.
This is how I often take my pictures, standing on top the table, balancing precariously on the edge:
(that should be a metaphor for life or something).... .. . .

On another note--

We've had a birthday around here lately.
It's deliciously fun to feed children loads of sweets and then---- send them home.


Writing out thank you cards after opening the presents:
(Every day for a week.)

I think she only wrote her name in REALLY BIG CAPITALS but I'm assuming people will understand. LOL

Another fish to fry:

Am I the only person who just nods at the Waitrose lady when she asks me "Are these a gift?"  I want to say "No lady, I buy them for myself because I love them, but thanks for making me feel like a loser or a self-obsessed snob who buys herself flowers--every week."  Thanks.  But I refrain. I keep my cool. I try not to giggle in that awful embarrassed giggle way.

So instead she wraps them up and I blush and feel stupid.

Surely I'm not alone?
Just agree.

Moving on to my fatty pumpkins-which make me smile with joy after each one $ELL$.  :D
Yes I love them. I've perfected my pattern and added touches like smelly sachets of cinnamon and nutmeg. They are lush and lovely, you want one, right>??? Right???  lol

I don't want to count how many I've made over the last few months. Let's not go there....

 But let's do go here:

Undley Pumpkin Patch
In the rural wilderness of the English Brecks.

I have some friends that slam on the Fenlands, but I think it's one of those things where- if it's close to you, it's not "neat". If it's what you're used to, it's nothing special. You know?  Well it's all very special to me. 

 Homemade chocy lolly pops made by a business minded 15 year old. She's astounding. I'm so proud of her, and I'm no relation at all. ;)

My stall at the Pumpkin Patch (above and below).

Goose bump pumpkins, gourds, squash, munchkins, they have it all.

That's all for now, I'm off to DIY bleach my hair (#ohshit) and read up all night with Jamie Fraiser. He's pictured below for your eye candy indulgence of the day. You're welcome.

Peace out.


  1. You are funny, can just imagine you sitting there, rocking out;)
    Looks like a busy week and love your booth, nice display of your pieces.


  2. Heeheehee, you go get 'em, Hot Rod! I'm sure the old gent had a little extra fun injected into his day. I once caught a 50something, tough, Italian teamster jammin' it to Lady Gaga in the cab of his truck and it made. my. day.

  3. I think you are very cool singing Rod Stewart since he was and still is my fav! Oh Maggie May!
    I adore that owl with the eyelashes. Is she for sale?


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