Ten Quilting Tools to make your life easier.

I only recently discovered these little babies, but man have they made the binding step a touch easier! I was using big honking clothes pegs and those were so awkward. These are well worth the money ($17 in the US but of course LOADS more expensive in the UK,) however the box will make you madder than a hatter, so label which end is up. Yeah, don't ask.

SERIOUSLY! How did I ever live without this gadget? It has made everything about a billion times better in terms of bringing the ends of the binding together in a way where noboday, not even your auntie who quilts on a daily basis, will know where your ends meet. Yes.
Yes. Yes. (Like Meg Ryan ya'll, for shizzle.)
Get it now. It's like my right kidney to me. Discovered less than two months ago, I would grab my binding tool second, right after my kids if there was an apocalypse looming.

I've used them all, and for me, this is the one. This basting spray holds all the layers together in a non-permanent, but strong way. I buy five cans at a a time now, because more than once at midnight, during a long quilting project, I've run out. No bueno.

Essential to make your sandwich stick together through the quilting process. Yes, we talked of the basting spray above, but this is extra insurance here, and you need it if your tugging that big ol quilt around and man handling it like I tend to. I didn't know there were "special curved safety pins" for quilting, and I kept stabbing myself with regular one like a damn masochist. After a quick Google search I realized I was using the wrong thAng.  Don't judge. (lol)

I like Olfa brand, and have these mats in the largest sizes available both in inches and in centimeters. I love them, a tool I use every.single.day.
Get one now.  LOL

I prefer Olfa brand, but just find one you like. I think the 45mm is most easily adaptable to all projects, but I do keep the 28mm and the 60mm on hand ready to cut, at all times. Buy your blades in bulk and take care of your cutter, don't drop it or the blade will die a slow and agonizing death. This will cut your arm off, so keep it away from children and pets. It makes cutting SO MUCH easier and quicker--I even cut my garments out this way now. (I know, right?!)

4. 6" x 24" acrylic ruler

This makes cutting those projects out easy and sharp, and right no the measurements. You can see through it, so you know where you're cutting. At $9 this is probably my most-used, best value tool in my arsenal. The numbers are wearing off at the 2 1/2" marking line on mine----that's how many patchwork quilts I've done! LOL  Crazy talk.

3. Sewing machine extension table.

Not linked because you will need one specific to your machine. I bought two for my Bernina-I smallish one for most projects, and a huge mama jamma for my quilt projects. Indispensable, these tables are must haves for quilters--unless you have a long arm machine that takes up am entire room, then you're golden, so skip this tip.

Again, get the right one for you machine. If you are quilting in lines or boxes/squares you will need a walking foot to keep the layers from bunching up. It will save you tears my friends. Ask your shop or Google it, and get this baby in your gear.

The absolute golden nugget of all-the free motion foot. A must have for free motion quilting (which I think is the most fun and the way to quilt with the least amount of rules).....
Get the right one for you machine, turn the dogs off on your machine -yes, they're called the feeding dogs,--and then go to town with your squiggles.  Fun, free, and so easy. 

There you go, that's my TOP TEN list of quilting essentials. I will add some more tips and tools soon, to help in any way I can think of. Any questions or comments, please do so below. Now get quilting! 



  1. I love my free motion foot, just need to take the time to sit and practice my stitching.


  2. :D Plenty of time in the winder, eh? :D


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