A few of my favorite sewing books.

I taught myself to sew over these past few years, and lived in a little cottage in England without the aid of fast internet/You Tube. Books taught me everything, and a few wonderful bloggers out there gave me confidence and the right attitude to keep at it.

Here are some of my beloved faves. I like things clear cut, no frills, just give-me-the-facts lady kinda style, so these were perfect.

I started by sewing tons and tons of aprons. I've made every single version in every book on Aprons I own. Then after mastering those, I had the know-how to design my own. This is  my favorite apron book. Aprons are great-they don't use loads of fabric and can be used on a daily basis. The retro vibe has been hot for a while now, and looks like it will only get hotter.

It's getting hot in here...so take off all your........oh...sorry. Needed a moment with Nelly. Never mind.

Pillows are fun and relatively quick makes. I practiced my quilting on pillow covers for ages before I attempted a real quilt. 
Pillow Pop is a wonderful book to hone your quilt block construction and technique. Some of the designs had my brain bending, but once it clicked it was like the clouds parted and almighty Heaven shone through! LOL  It will happen, just keep a cup of tea nearby for throwing drinking calmly.

The Quilters Bible is among my faves because there are clear diagrams and how-to-construct photos in this hefty baby that are indispensable to a visual learner like moi. I went all over town looking for this book as it was on backorder at the time I needed it, I drove the local book shop craaaaaazy with all my inquiries. . . But once I got my paws on it, I knew it was true love. Written by a critical care nurse too- you see, I know how to pick 'em.

One Yard Wonders and it's sequels are absolute essentials in your sewing library arsenal. I have learned so many things from these books that I forget where it starts and ends. For one thing, the inexorably difficult task of a lined zippered pocket within a wallet had me cussing like a sailor----until I found this book. Thank you One Yard Wonders, you've saved me from filling my cussing jar with all my allowance money. (I need that money for fabric!)

The Practical Guide to Patchwork is great for working out basic modern blocks with minimal fuss. I like Elizabeth's no nonsense approach, and her knowledge is presented in an easy-to-understand format that I can dig. I am constantly referring to this book.

Let me introduce Jenny of Sublime Stitching to you. Jenny doesn't know me, but she should. I'm always prattling on about her latest designs and patterns for funky, fresh embroidery. She taught me EVERYTHANG--literally every thAng I know about hand stitchery. Her books (I have them all) are fun and cover all the basics and then some.
The patterns included make it all work on the first go, and believe me I had my doubts. I pictured myself in a seventeenth century gown, rocking in a chair by a grand fireplace, cauldron simmering gently with stew, while I needled back and forth on my little design. Well friends, let me tell you how it really goes down: I stitched zombies, intestines, hearts with daggers, and lots and lots of skulls while watching Jimmy Kimmel, clad in my rattiest PJ's, while sipping on some bubbly. That is how we stitch now-a-days. And I like it.

Let me not digress.

Get Jenny's patterns and books. You will love them all.

I also try to pick up Fons & Porter quilting magazines whenever I can find them here in Britain.  Recently I found an iPad subscription to their bi monthly Quilting Magazine. They have loads of different mags-some for quick quilts, kid quilts, exotic and difficult quilts--you name it--, and in my opinion they are the best out there in terms of learning and inspiration. Here is a link to a free trial issue.

I have a list of things to do for Fall, and I can't wait for the weather to turn chilly so I can start my pumpkin baked goodies! The cycle of seasons is so refreshing, isn't it? What do you have planned this Fall? Any big projects to be done before Christmas/the Holidays? :D  If you have some favorite magazines or books or even websites you visit for know-how please comment below so we can all benefit!  

**Just a disclaimer-nobody mentioned above knows me from a hole in the wall. I'm not getting paid to share my opinions, but Nelly is my BFF and would love it if you'd "like" his you tube video from 2002. Just sayin'.  

Uh huh  :D


  1. Thanks for the recommendations! I'm kind of thinking about starting a quilt (oh, the folly!!) and will have to check out the quilting books you mentioned!

    1. Sonia you're going to do it?!!! HORRAY! You will become addicted lady, for realz.
      I'm going to list some tools this week that help me A LOT---things I only recently discovered. Could've saved me some cussing had I known about them earlier. LOL

  2. You have a lot to teach me.....I marvel what you have taught yourself.....amazing......

  3. Ooh, I've got a couple of these in my "craft library" too & the Sublime Stitching book IS just lovely, isn't it?

    1. Nice! Any faves of yours I didn't mention? I try to stock my amazon wishlist for Xmas, you see. LOL!

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