Trip to Hampton Court Palace (King Henry VIII's playground)

I'm a history enthusiast, so this place was extra special for us me to visit. If you don't know Hampton Court Palace from a hole in the wall (it's okay!)-- try this video on you tube. It's short and sweet with lots of info that's not boring but scandalous -full of sex and violence just like HRH Henry himself. 

You might know Anne Boleyn, the famed second wife of Henry. We visited her childhood home, Hever Castle last year. If you fancy a look at that post, find it here.

The really cool thing about these Royal Palaces is the way the care takers are totally into it! I mean, they were practically pushing these red cloaks at us....  Okay, maybe they were hanging on a coat rack and I asked the lady "Oh, are those for me to wear?"  To which she rolled her eyes at me and said in a very bored with life enthusiastic tone "yes"................
You know how I responded, skipping over like I won the lottery, I donned my cloak. I forced  gently prodded my husband to put it on for a quick photo. He obliged and told me if I posted any pics of him in it, my life was on the line.



I'm actually thinking here how can I wear this to Waitrose and not create a scene? The color is so smashing on me dahhhhhlings.....How could I not?

He thought he was Dracula. Bahahawawahahaha.

How he really felt. 

Meat pies. Gross. Totally gross.

Listening intently to the recordings.

Big slabs of meat waiting for roasting on the spit. I wonder if I could stomach meat more if I lived hundreds of years ago. I suppose when you're hungry... ...

Real fire! Yes! I took a deep inhale, I love the smell of burning wood crackling. A guy saw me inhaling and laughed, told me it was "lovely seasoned wood so as to not spit too much"..... I was like "that's hot".  He said "Yes, it is hot" and walked away--I don't think he "got" my American lingo you guys. 

If only the glow of candles still was our only lighting at night. I look so much better in candle light! HAHAHA Don't we all?!!!!! I believe fluorescent lighting was the creation of the devil. Such hideousness, I run from it whenever possible. Maybe I should open a grocery chain lit only by candle light-think of the possibilities! Match.com wouldn't stand a chance with my shop. Just brainstorming, don't mind me.

I nearrrrrrly want to cook in this kitchen.
Okay, maybe not, but it's quaint.

Not a very handsome chap but supposedly before he hit 350 pounds he was quite a sight. I sometimes wish I could time travel so I could take back a camera to somebody --I just want real pictures yo! I want to see what he really looked like, and Elizabeth's hairline, and all that awful make up, and the knights running around in their armor and stuff...Ya know?! Gah!

There is a great special edition out by BBC History magazine now, focusing completely on the Tudors. I bought two copies-one for a friend of mine who has an obsession with King Henry. I can't wait to send it to her!! You can get a copy here if you like. This is one magazine I will NEVER go without. This and Burda Style. Gotta have it.

Sculptures made from napkins! What?

In the 18th century portion of the castle there were loads of dresses and costumes made from paper. It was pretty unbelievable.

The Yew tree gardens. We took a horse and carriage ride around the garden pulled by two gorgeous Shire horses-the big hairy ones like in the Busch Beer commercials. Love those animals!

After a day full of walking around we had to get some treats. The girls voted for ice cream and I voted for cappuccino. ;) I loved the cups so much I tried to save it, but in the end it didn't last the train ride home.

So tell me where you've been lately!
Is your summer coming to a close like ours? The air is becoming crisp and cool here in England....



  1. In the morning I keep thinking fall is on the way, but then by lunchtime it's hot again! You guys get up to so much fun- I'm jealous!

  2. That looks like such a wonderful place to visit and a wonderful way for the girls to learn about history, in a fun way. I am enjoying the cooler air but hoping it stays warm enough to keep paddling.


  3. hahah I just love your writing.
    What a wonderful trip. And what a good sport Rom is!!! you do look dashing in the cape- or whatever it's called! LOL


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