It's been a two quilt week, I'm on a roll....
Sometimes I just get into the mood and can't stop, ya know?  (Oh stop it you pervs...) LOL

This neon fabric caught my eye and I had to have it.
I was dreaming about what to do with it, and thought---put it against gray! This gray chambray had been sitting on my shelf for about 5 months you guys--I was going to make a button down with it. (Not happening.)  So--use it or lose it I say.

I feel like it was destiny! Or serendipity...or whatever other word that fits.

Then this one, which I adore, of course.
The Union Jack is such a great design in itself, it works in almost any color combination. I will be SO SAD when we leave the UK!!
Let's not talk about that just yet though....

On a summer-y note, the roller skates came in! So now I have to run out and help my kids roller skate, though I'm not sure which will need more help-me or them?  Wish me luck!

Had to share this pic really quick--she said "Mommmy I'm hiding, come find me!"   LOLOLOL!

See you soon!


  1. Look at you you sassy two-quilter! I especially love the gray quilt- it's so modern and cool!!!

    1. Thank you lovely! Can't wait to see what you whip up next!

  2. That Union Jack is amazing! Love the colors. And I loved your perv comment--that's totally something I'd say. Ha.


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