I know it's been a while...Ooops.

This Hootie is recycled from a friend's old jeans. I love her especially much because it reminds me how far she has come in her weight loss journey--she gave me all her "fat jeans"-- and I will reuse every pair! I am so happy for her and all her hard work. If you'd like to send some girl power vibes toward her please do-her name is Stacia.
She's pretty amazing.

I'm starting to prepare for the Fall rush with woodland animal things. I love foxes and hedgehogs, and deer.... What else reminds you of Fall? Maybe I should make some tree themed things? I am so excited for the Pumpkin Patch this year-I always have so much fun there meeting all kinds of people and chatting away.
I think Fall is my favorite season.

Actually, I don't "think" it is, I know it is.

My Mom sent me this amazing stuff called "Texture Magic" and I've been playing with it lately. See its work here on this clutch--the crinkly look--that's the texture magic at work. I've made loads of clutches trying to use up all my zippers and what not. I don't know yet if they'll end up as gifts or if I'll hoard them. ;)

Super simple to make- I do a clutch that's 9x5 1/2" and then make a D ring tab for the wrist strap so it's detachable. I love these as they use little fabric and my bits of batting leftover from quilt making. Use it up! That's my motto Yo.

Remember that chambray quilt I made last week? (My BFF bought it-thank you Leslie you always amaze me girl!) ---- I had bits left over so I made up a small tote perfect for carrying my iPad and magazines to the local coffee shop. I intend on spending some quality coffee shop time in town when the girls are in school again. I'm sad they both are grown up enough to be in school all day, but yet--N O T.  I'm kinda thrilled to have a LOT of alone time. That makes me sound bitchy and awful, but I do my best work while alone. This is why I don't sleep. I stay up till 3am because that's my alone time. Can ya dig it? Am I alone in this? 

Wonky stars are my fave because there are no "rules" to them, you just lay that fabric down and sew. Love it. Have you watched any ofMissouri Quilt Company's vids? I adore them, and secretly stalk Jenny online...ssshhhh!  She's taught me practically everything I know about quilting stars. I'm SO going to visit this shop when I'm back Stateside again.

This was my first time using Soft and Stable interfacing too--that stuff is pretty amazing! Like a foam pad in between the layers -so it's stiff enough to hold the bag up on its own but not a nightmare to sew like s o m e interfacing that I won't mention by name but its initials are Pellon Peltex.


I think I might be a bag hoarder. A bag lady. 
I see nothing wrong with this at all.

I made a large tote for a (super loyal) friend & supporter of mine:
Thank you Toni for always supporting my work. XOXO

I love how I could probably fit my children in there.
Needless to say, I'm making myself one STAT.

I made my own pattern up-- measurements start at 24"x 19" with a 2" boxed corner.
I used batting as interfacing so it's nice and squishy.
Canvas covers the bottom so it's tough, like those lovely bags by--is it Land's End? One of those posh East Coast companies.... 


As Summer wanes and comes to a close I will appreciate the beauty around me. I wish I had more harvest pictures to show you, but the caterpillars have done me in! I used organic bug spray but that shiz didn't do ANYTHING. But when I look at the butterflies flying around in the garden it makes me smile and think "that's ok".  ;)   Have you been gardening this summer? Any special tricks to keep the crops alive?

See you soon.



  1. My kids are grown up and I still want alone time, lol.
    Mine is in the afternoon, after my husband goes to work and before my daughter gets out of work.
    Love the tote idea, I have downloaded some patterns to try, so time to make one.


  2. Ahhh, such great projects today! Always love seeing what you're up to!

  3. loving all you newest makes and can't wait for the pumpkin patch again this year too :-) I love alone time but do you know what, I only love it when I am alone but everyone is in the house. ..... you know when everyone else is busy elsewhere in the house or asleep, if I am alone and no one is in the house it feels wrong for some reason ..... odd , but then again I have never been normal :-) xxx

  4. Ugh I'm obsessed with hedgies and foxes. Wish I could have tons of things for the girls with the animals all over it. Probably cause we're in S FL and there's no such thing as "fall" here. Loving both those bags and the little clutches... and alone time? Yes please! Haha enjoy it lovely

    1. How did I miss this comment Elissa? !! :D At least you have lots of good ol' sunshine in FL--bet your wee ones are lovin' it! XOXOXOXOX

  5. I've had good success with gardening this year. Neem oil does good but is still organic.
    And I LOVE every single make on here. That owl...I wish I was still 5.

  6. I feel crazy because I just want to be alone! Yet so thankful for what I have...it's a weird emotion.


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