I finally made the Moneta Dress by Colette Patterns. I am in love with this pattern! I can already say it's one of my favorites, in fact, I'm wearing it right now. ;)

Made in a navy bamboo knit it's stretchy and forgiving. I'm so glad because I have some stir fry cooking right now and I'm about to tear it up. I need waistbands that are nice to me & my appetite, ya know?

Don't judge me too harshly, I know I dingled up the neckline a little bit. Curves make me cuss. I need to go back and make it a touch smaller I think and fix that flat part. In my defense, I was watching my heathen lovely children play on a fort we built as the living room was being torn to bits, while the phone was ringing and the stir fry was burning cooking...
(I wouldn't have it any other way though.)

Maybe some of you experienced sewists can tell me--are the vertical lines at the top of my chest in this shot due to big bust issues? The dress doesn't pull on me anywhere, it's on the larger side too-so nowhere is it pinching me or anything. Or is it me? Hmmm?

This navy knit is luxe too. The feel is soft, yet almost silky. Bamboo knit is my fave.

The neckline is so flattering, (note how the back is PERFECT).   (LOL)

I made Version B which is no collar and short sleeves. In less than an hour it was complete. Aaamazing.

Another reason I try not to buy "off-the-rack" anymore. I can make it instead! (Cartwheels and flips --done virtually of course. I'm not that crazy.)

Starting to drizzle-run!

I didn't have a twin needle on hand, so I did a double hem the cheater way by sewing two separate lines. I'm ok with that because I'm the one wearing it. Next time I will make a small, to fit the neck a bit more snugly. The pocket detailing is wonderful. Almost all (or maybe all of them, I didn't investigate each one) of her patterns come with pockets---I love that!

The pattern has endless options and you can download more versions for free here. Snap!

I used the sew-a-long post on her blog here for extra guidance, but her written instructions are so clear you really won't need it. Nice to know it's there though, right?

9/1**Update---I fixed the flat portion of the rounded neckline in front and it all hangs nicely now. Yay!

Have you made a Moneta? I'm going to make the mini skirt Mabel next I think, or maybe the Macaron Dress, or the Anise....

Since we're talking about knit garments, I also made Burda Style dress pattern 6910 this week. It's superrrr comfy, super stretchy in this ITY knit, and of course suits me in this snow leopard print.

What does ITY meeeeaaaan?

It's silky, stretchy, and often made in bold prints. That's what it means to me.

My Mom sent me this pattern from Joann's. (Thank you yet again Mom!)

I have a few more makes done but really need to do a photo session, or at least comb my hair. You can see what's most important to me in life---(not my hair). :D
To be a hot mess is "artsy" right?



  1. Beautiful dresses and beautiful sewing. I need to find materials for sewing with, I do love cotton on my skin and I like material that stays soft and doesn't shrink up on me, so need to learn more about materials.


  2. Oooh, I love the leopard print on you! So cute! I would probably reevaluate the vertical lines after fixing the neckline- it might clear up with wrinkles a bit!

  3. It all looks quite fab to me! I've been eyeing the Moneta (and the Mabel too, actually) pattern for a while - seriously, you whipped it up in an hour? I'm in awe :-)
    Think you've just inspired me to go ahead and give it a try too. Trust you enjoyed the stir fry and your dress expanded accordingly! Happy Sunday,

  4. You look gorgeous, darlin'! The dresses are beautiful on you, and suit you to a "T". Don't fret those vertical lines. I wouldn't have noticed had you not pointed them out. :-)

    Your pattern arrived yesterday. It's on my "short list" to make now. Thanks again for all your inspiration. I love everything you create. Really!


I appreciate every comment, thanks so much for taking the time. It means A LOT to me. :)