A bit of Elsa play, the Barbados Bag, and a collection of fun DIY projects to try!

 The Frozen craze is alive and well in this house. ;) My girls rarely request handmade anything from me, so when they begged and pleaded for Elsa costumes I knew it was priority #1.

Mia's dress (the older one) is from the Elsa pattern by McCalls. It was not fun, can I just admit that right now? After hours of tedious hand stitching the lining bodice portion I was W A Y over it...... I thought I'd be all profession-AL and whatever, but ummmm...not ever again. Far too complicated in construction for a six year old, in my opinion. For Ruby's dress I made a simple peasant dress and attached the "cape" at the neckline, then appliqued the sequin bit on the front chest so she felt sparkly too. In about an hour I was done with hers----soooooo much better.

They played in those dresses A L L day, which made my heart very happy. I will spare you more pictures as we have other topics to discuss.

We have been growing our own sunflowers again this year, but ours are still quite small. When we took a country drive I spotted these in a road side stall and veered off road pulled over in a civilized manner and bought them! Aren't they gorg? I just love Suffolk roadside stands, you can get eggs, veg, flowers, and more for so cheap, plus it's helping a neighbor make a bit of petty cash, ya know?

Now for some sewing discussion. I bought this Barbados Bag pattern ages ago and it's been sitting on my desktop since then. The other day my purse from Fossil broke, so I thought I'd finally bust it out and try it. It is my FAVORITE purse pattern EVER! I am in love you guys......let me explain.

  • It's not too big, not too small.
  • Cross body strap that also detaches.
  • Tons of pockets to hold my cell phone out of that hot mess of shiz that always ends up in my bag.
  • Squishy and fat due to the fusible batting.
  • Excellent construction instructions-precise, clear, not too wordy.
  • Holds all my essentials with room to spare but again, isn't so big that I end up carrying everyone else's crap, as Moms do so often.
  • Doesn't eat up a TON of yardage, and you can do all of it in one fabric or coordinate like the pattern tells you to.

 The zipper techniques are superb, I had no trouble at all. I like it that she reminds us to put on the zipper foot, and then again when to take it off. I need reminders.

* Did I share the story where a friend was waiting for me in a parking lot and I drove off, leaving her there in bewilderment? Yes, I did. I do. I had a chat with her in the shop, said "wait for me outside"---then I get to my car and drive off like a total ditz. I shake my head when I do things like this. It's my DNA! I blame you Mother!!! LOL   :D

 I labeled all my pieces before beginning, to keep it all straight, as there are quite a few different pieces if you make it like the pattern explains with coordinating fabrics. My personal bag is below, I love it!

This geometric fabric print is from Alexander Henry. I bought four yards of it at once and I'm nearly out--I love it that much. You can still get it here at Hawthorne Threads.

I love the added touch of the clamps and D rings, it makes it all so professional looking to me. If I can make this bag, so can you! If you rather just buy one, I have the black and white geometric one listed in my Etsy shop here.
* It does take some concentration, so don't attempt it if the kids are pulling at your skirts. Just sayin'.

It's well known I have a love for skulls, rather Dia de los Muertos skulls....
Sublime Stitching always comes through for me with the excellent templates and patterns. I love that site! I browse it late at night when my will power is weak and end up spending far too much money (but it makes me happy so that's okay right?).....  You know the saying-- "happy wife, happy life"..... hahaha!

This little clutch is for a friend who shares the obsession love for all things sugar skull.
I can't wait for her to get home to see it! (She's in America right now, lucky ducky is probably at Target as we speak. So jelly.)


Have you heard of Whimsey Box?
It's a fantastic new website chock full of DIY crafts and projects. 
The photos are eye candy alone, and I've pinned so many projects on my "to-do" list that I think I'm good ..for the next few years.... 

These three photos are courtesy of the Whimseyboxwebsite. Go check it out!

Another fun website I go to regularly is Totally Tutorials.  It's so fun to see what other people are up to, and even better when they are willing to teach me too! :D

A huge project on my list of selfish sewing is this class offered on Craftsy by Meg McElwee.

Even though I have been sewing with knits for a bit, I'm always down to learn new tricks and hear advice! I know I don't know it all---definitely. Bonus--the class is 50% off right now!
I might have to spend some more money, in the name of learning....you know.

Do you have any go-to websites or resources you regularly check? I'd love to know!

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone. 



  1. Those dresses are so cute and I can see the girls are loving them. I like to buy from roadside stands, you know it is fresh and the prices are always better.


  2. Wow those Elsa dresses are amazing! They would go down well in my house, for my daughter...and my son!!!


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