Sewing my own Garden Party Dress

This dress pattern is from New Look Workroom - Project Runway inspired garments to sew at home. 

Everyone can use a garden party dress for the summer, sipping Pimms and enjoying the longer days is where I want to be! I used the gorgeous Jennifer Paganelli line of fabric Circa in deep blue. I am so in love with her fabrics, have I mentioned that? (Only every blog post in the last week ha)....

Did you see the best part? Pockets!!

My only issues with this dress is I had to take it in twice in the bodice, and it's still a bit large. I think next time I make a bodice fitting dress I will sew a size eight for the top and a twelve for the bottom. Following the measurements on the packet a twelve should've worked just fine, but I seem to run into this a lot with patterns. Maybe I think I have a bigger bust than I actually do! LOL!

The dress is not lined at the skirt portion, but with a quilting cotton it's fine-nice and airy and still opaque. I imagine I will wear this with tights and a lovely cardigan in the fall (cowgirl boots too of course). The bodice is lined, so it's very comfortable-I used the same cotton nothing fancy, and I'm happy in it.

 I did have to pinch the bust in the middle and sew it together a bit because it was gaping away from my chest. Do you remember that move Jennifer Lopez does on the bridesmaid in The Wedding Planner? She sticks a clothes peg in or something magical like that and fixes the fit in an instant? I had that revelation and did the same sort of thing, then proceeded to jam out to her On the 6  album. (Don't judge.)

If you're wondering, my necklace is from Accessorize and my navy faux suede shoes are from Peacocks. I made the drop earrings a few years ago, there are so many lovely jewelry bits on Etsy to purchase for making your own jewels, I just adore that site!  

This is a short post today because I'm busy enjoying the sun! :) 
See you soon friends.


  1. That is a beautiful dress and fun for the summer.
    After shopping and seeing nothing in the dress or skirt sections, I think I need to make my own.


    1. Totally do it Debbie, the ready made stuff seems to get worse and worse...or is it me? LOL

  2. Babe alert! This looks so good on you! Love the print! As far as sizing goes, it's kind of inconsistent in big 4 patterns, so I would check the finished measurements (usually printed on the pattern tissue if not on the envelope) before cutting things out. I used to just automatically cut things out smaller, but some of the patterns run true to size (especially designer ones) and I ended up with stuff that was too small! Argh!

    Question: why aren't Pimms Cups a thing in the States?! It's a tragedy!

    1. I think you've told me this before and there I go not listening...........SMH hahaha Newest pattern cut at size 10...hopefully will fit or I might have to cuss a mean streak.

  3. i love your jam story.

    and i love the pinch at the bodice, you deserve a jam session-- i was actually hoping the pattern came that way!


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