School is almost out, so I'm rushing to get my sewing done! For realz!

Some things I've been working on.

I'm really not sure what look I was going for here. 

I know for sure this one is "kick your heels up" mode.

Appliqueing with Wonder Under again, I need to be an affiliate for them I swear! LOL

Pencil case with bright fun colors!

This was going to be my entry in the Bernina 250 Shades of Red contest, but it ended up a half inch short! I was so peeved you might have heard me "singing" my cuss words...Oh well, that's how the cookie crumbles sometimes.

I then carried on to make some totes- no pattern-just free style sewing. I am on a mission to use up A L L my fabric, scraps, bits, parts, ---everything ---before December. (But I keep buying more so I don't know what that's all about....)  Anywho, this tote I embellished with some hand stitchery, eyeing a design over at Sublime Stitching... I did have to hand draw it because of the size of the tote, and so decided to do my own thang with the flower. Pleasingly I used up some olive drab webbing I've had since the dawn of time as well--so yes, I definitely deserve more fabric, don't you agree?

Here's another make I managed to wing out this week- using fabric scraps for the whole thing. I love patchwork, and I do realize it's not for everyone, but I can never decide which fabric to use, so why not use them all?! Horrayyyyyyy!!!!  Now if only I could dress like this and get away with it.

And of course with the wind down of school, all sorts of activities are in progress. Mia came home the other day and asked if she could be a Black Widow Spider for "mini beast" day at school. To which I had to reply "of course darling"....as you do.

So several socks and pairs of tights later, we had an outfit. Stuffed with polyfill (never mind those pillows for the couch-who needs them?) these legs were everywhere. LOL  I think she makes a very convincing spider, don't you?


  1. I love all your pieces, fun and happy colors. It is a shame your red piece didn't make it, I really love that design.


  2. I wish we were friends in real life! Can I move in with you guys and make spiders all day? I promise I'll be really, really quiet!


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