Coconut Chip Ice Cream Recipe

We've had a heat wave here in England (no, I'm not complaining)--so out the ice cream maker came! Like clouds parting with rays of sunshine and choruses of "hallelujah" we set to work combining ingredients to make the perfect Coconut Chip Ice cream.  Okay, so actually Ben & Jerry did most the work, I just adapted it to suit my taste buds.... But don't tell the neighbors, I like them thinking I'm a domestic goddess! LOL

First step: make the sweet cream base. I adapted B&J's base #1 in their book (which you should definately run out and buy, or have Amazon bring it to you--it's to die for!) ---with my combo of creams and milk. 

Sweet Cream Base:  
2 Happy Eggs, 1 cup double cream, 1 cup single cream, 1 cup milk, 3/4 cup sugar, 250ml coconut cream. 

*I do the combo of creams to save on fat but to also keep a rich and creamy texture to my ice cream. I say if you're going to indulge, do it right YO!

 *Whipping cream can be used as well, instead of these creams I listed. It will be in the same section as single and double creams in the refrigeration isle. (Not the kind in a can LOL!)

Beat the eggs in your mixer for a few minutes until they're frothy, slowly add the sugar little by little, beating it in well. I spend at least 5-8 minutes adding the sugar in. 

Then add the milk and creams and mix for a minute or so. 

Now add in the box of coconut cream and mix it in well. 

Pop this whole mixture in the fridge to make it reallllly cold while you set up your ice cream maker.

A word on ice cream makers--I researched a LOT on this subject, and finally came to the conclusion that the Kitchen Aid adapter was going to be the easiest, no fuss way for me. It has never failed me, and I've made boat loads of ice cream since buying it two years ago. No ice to buy, no salt, nada you guys. .. Just put the bowl in the freezer to "set" and 24 hrs later you are ready to rock. I'm linking the bowl here for you. Be sure to set it up as per directions (it's not difficult, it's one driver)-I taped the instructions to the inside of my cabinet. I can do it in my sleep now, but you know, I have my DOH! moments too.... Moving on.

Attach the bowl and driver and turn it on "slow". Take the ice cream mixture you made out of the fridge now, and slowly pour it into the bowl. Let this mix for nearly 20 minutes--it gets thicker and more ice cream like the longer you keep it running. I found I like the stage between soft serve and hard ice cream, so you find what works for you. It's a gorgeous process! It's so difficult to keep my fingers out of the bowl!   At the VERY LAST stage, like a minute left, pour in the chocolate chips. Let them mix in, but not too long. Shut it all down, pour it into your empty ice cream tub or Tupperware holder and pop it in the freezer. I like to eat it all the first day (LOL) just kidding---but it will keep for a week or more. YUM.

I made a video for your viewing pleasure. 

This is the creamiest, most lush ice cream I've ever tasted. I regularly make Java Chip (coffee ice cream with chocolate chips), French Vanilla, and Strawberry. If you ever visit us, you can bet we've got ice cream ready for you! With all natural ingredients and no artificial flavors -- how ice cream was meant to be.

Try my homemade fudge recipe made with coconut cream too! Linked here.

*A quick note on home made ice cream--it's not meant to be kept in the freezer for six months, it will form ice crystals--so eat it up! This recipe makes about two quarts which isn't excessive at all. (Especially when you eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!)  Ummmmm...don't tell my Mom. 



  1. UMMMMMMMMMMM. Wish I could have some !!!!

  2. OK, I'm DEFINITELY moving in.

  3. Oh yummy and what a great reason to eat it all up. Don't want ice crystals.

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