Burda "favorite" Trousers and the Naked Dress - sewing clothes you will wear.

I love this pattern! Horray, skip & triple axel all in one !!!

pattern: Burda style "easy" 6938

These have a double elasticated waist -but wait----it's super skinny elastic, and it feels more like shirring to me than elastic. Think gentle nudge rather than elastICK!!!

This pattern was easy to sew, no probs at all. I cut the size 12 as measurements indicated, and am pleased with the fit. I have some junk in the trunk-I won't lie--and these work for me. 

Most patterns I have tried with pants /trousers cut my booty circulation right off, and nothing makes me madder than a hatter than that!

I love my lumps. You should too. 
*Love your lumps, not mine....clarifying there. Shew.

I now give you the selfie photo montage of various poses so you can see my truth: 

I used Anna Marie Horner voile cotton for them, so they are super light and airy but not sheer.

Are you lovin' my sweater or what?!

   I found it calling my name in a vintage shop in London. I cut it up the middle because I hate being closed in, and then ran blanket stitches up both sides to prevent fraying.

See, I told you I could sit in them. And drink my cuppa. And smile. 
This is how I know these are keepers.

Pockets. Enough said.

Then I took another selfie to showcase my Tina Givens Prairie Slip dress. I modified it a bit, mostly out of necessity (too little fabric).

 Made in a cream voile, I adore how it feels. I wear it with a slim tank top (vest) and skinny jeans. I think with this pattern, fabric is everything. Because this is semi-sheer, I don't look like a muffin. Just saying.
I look more like billowy clouds or marshmallow fluffities. Right? Riiiiiight?

Stripping down in the English sun. In five minutes the leather will go back on again. 

Now moving on to my "Naked Dress".

Dress pattern is "Easy" McCalls M5377
Fabric is Kaffee Fasset (of course!)---loving his bold color use and large print. 
This dress is like wearing your nakedness. So much freedom in a garment! I look forward to wearing it on our hot summer days ahead.

I had to take it in a couple of times, I cut the size 12 according to the pattern measurements but they were off in the underarms for me. BUT (and it's a big fat but)- I might have been off in my seam allowance. I had been quilting for days and days and went straight into this garment without thinking--so I do blame myself. A 5/8" seam allowance is GINORMous, and most likely, I wasn't sewing it. Boo.

I did need to shorten the straps as well, and that is due to ummm--short shoulders? I got nothin' there.

And of course--I had to shorten the length a lot. A lot a lot. I'm 64 inches, which is pretty average. I guess this pattern was written for lucky statuesque ladies. 

 Out of focus is cool you guys. 
Really. ;)
(What I tell myself after umpteen times trying to set the focus on a timer. Whatevs.)

I added the pockets myself. I MUST have pockets. I will really try to get that tutorial up this week.
I have added pockets to most of my garments, even store bought ones. 
I like my "stuff" but hate carrying purses. 

That's it for today-see you soon!



  1. Love the pants, I got a pj pattern and still haven't tried it. I hate heavy elastics, I do like just enough to hold and be comfy.You make a beautiful model for your clothes.


    1. Awe you made my day Debbie, I always feel so weird taking photos of myself...LOL :D I agree with the elastic issue! I was so happy these feel so good-who would've thought skinny elastic (1/4") would be better?

  2. Look how busy you are! Everything looks so great!

    1. Hey lady, thank you!! You've been my kick up the arse! ;)

  3. I am inspired. I am totally making that naked dress for summer. It looks perfect for those stupid-hot days.

    1. TOTALLY! You would rock it so much better too---tall gorgeousness.

  4. Love, love, love - the bottoms, the top & the dress! And I'm with you on the pockets thing - they are a necessity :-)
    Happy weekend xx

  5. I am totally getting that pattern. I want one.

  6. Ugh love it all as always! And all i could think when I saw that dress was lovely it was and how I wish I had taken mores sons so I could make so similar foe the bits (and by bits I mean littles naturally) xx

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