Sewing a Victorian costume in Beetlejuice colors of course.

I get super excited when visiting places on my bucket list. Like--suuuuuuper excited.
I start talking in gangsta mode (I have no idea why)--and it got a little out of hand as we were driving into Whitby. My husband looked at me over his sunglasses and said "Tupac called, he wants his rhymes back".

I LOL'd.
and again
and again

because he's SO right!!!! I'm ridiculous! But I can't stop myself.
It's so strange.

Do you have anything that makes you act super silly? I need to know so I feel better about myself. Please email me stat. Really. 

hungryhippie (at) live.com 

Simplicity sewing pattern 2172 
 Hat Vogue pattern 8868

I sewed this entire outfit the other week, so of course I booked a holiday to Whitby to shoot the photos (as you do). I wanted to shoot it at dusk, in the mist, but you know, with children plans rarely go as -- planned. 

That's ok.

I used cotton  for the entire ensemble, with fabric from my local sewing shop in Ely, England. You can visit the Ely Cycle Center Shop here, they have loads of fabrics and haberdashery in stock! The corset has boning in it I bought from Joanns a few years back, and I used buttons residing in my stash. For the hat I sewed and glued pieces, and incorporated Russian netting for the veil. 

That's nine yards of pleating yo!

The corset could be better, to be honest--but it was my first go at one, so I'll be content. The coat is my favorite piece, by far. It's lined with the stripe material the corset is made with. The skirt is fun to wear, but heavy to wear, soI'm over it. All in all this was a fun challenge for me, and I'm glad I finally got over the fear and just went ahead with it. 

It's amazing what can happen when you go for it. 

I am so pleased we finally got up to Whitby!
 Why did I wait so long? I love all of Great Britain, but the North and the far South (Cornwall) are my greatest loves. Most of my friends back home don't understand me when I say it, but I truly truly love this land. It's absolutely magical.  
As a girl from the Midwest, (America) this is like no place other. If I could stay forever I probably would.

Whitby is the town where Bram Stoker was inspired to write Dracula. Amazing, right?  An immediate best seller, Dracula has never been out of print since the day it was published May 26, 1897.

Whitby happens to be the Goth capital of Great Britain for this very reason. They just hosted the Gothic Weekend event recently, and are hosting another in Oct/Nov. It brings thousands to town.

I can just imagine how it must feel during winter, with the sea, the wind, and the darkness all around. Even in June, we saw mist coming into the shore every night. I love that!

The tombstones look straight out of a horror film to me, I was enamored. 

Nearly 10pm. It's the North.  ;)

English Heritage sites often have events at their properties, so when I saw this man come out in full Benedictine Monk costume I squealed with delight. (Yes, I actually did.) Immediately I strode purposefully over to him and asked for a picture. He answered in full Olde English dialect which of course delighted me even more. 

My eldest insists on giving everyone she meets a proper American hug (tackle).

By this point I'm waaaayyyyyyyy over having my photo taken. LOL  Which is the same point that my poor husband starts feeling inspired and gets into it. ;)  

 The monk and his sidekick Abbess gave a full performance, including asking for vounteers to don the Nun hood. My girls were game, and felt very important in doing so. 

Where do you wish to go? What place would make your heart jump or (in my case) rap like Tupac? 
Think about it, then do it! There will never be a better time than right N O W.



  1. these photos are a delight to look through, who ever took the photos did a fab job. Good to see Mia is still giving out those huge hugs xx

    1. Thanks lovely! I will tell my husband you enjoyed his photography ;) XXXX

  2. Love the photos and love the dress, that is gorgeous and perfect place to do a photo shoot.
    I see one of your girls takes after you, all smiles and being silly and one who looks like she wants to get it over with, lol. I just love doing anything new and even if I am disappointed with the end result and it was not what I thought, the fun is in the doing;)


    1. Thank you so much Debbie....I thought of you the other day, as I saw some amazing stitch work on tea dyed fabric--I'm popping over to your blog in a few. XX

  3. These are outstanding photos of a real dream come true. I cannot believe how you got so into it, including your language...lol....but WOW. Way to go.

    1. :D It has been a dream come true indeed. :) Now hear ye, hear ye.....oh, sorry, never mind.

  4. Stunning. Incredible. I am speechless...

    I do love how M was all excited to partake, and R is like, 'what is this $#@&???? hahahahaha!
    I really didn't think you would leave England....your heart is so happy there.

    1. Yup, Ruby is so YOU Kat! LMAOLOLLLLLLLLLLL :D I mean that in a fun way--you at age 4---aaaaaAAAAA. Remember? I do.

  5. OMG, these pictures are making me laugh out loud! The one with your daughter hugging the monk is especially hilarious. I'm a fellow native Midwesterner, and I want so desperately to live abroad! My husband is considering a career transition that would make him more marketable overseas, so I'm crossing my fingers HARD that we get lucky and can move, even if just temporarily. I've been dying to go to Scandinavia for the longest time, and we finally decided to just book a trip. I'm going crazy with excitement... mid-July can't come soon enough!!!

    1. THAT IS AMAZING S!!!!! Scandinavia! WOOWOWOWOWOW I cannot wait to see what you explore there, how very exciting. I'm sure you will get so much inspiration out of a trip like that. So happy for you!

  6. You are adorable! Can I just say that I love you lol. Fantastic job on the outfit! And fantastic photos! Thank you for sharing! This really just made my day! I love it. I said that already lol. All those !! Ok, I am a gypsy at heart. My husband and I travel all over the U.S. I have lived in Munich, Germany. We have been to Australia and Paris at least three times. We also move a lot. But what the heck, we love it. Our kids are all growing up, 21, 22 and 23 and in college, out of college and mostly on their own. So, instead of wallowing in the empty nest I went paddle boarding for the first time this week. I'm 47. I love it. I'm obsessed. Unfortunately I live in Nashville! For now. Thanks again for sharing. Keep it up. Love your blog =)

    1. OH THANK YOU Shelly!! I say live life, no regrets--I love how you do exactly that! Paddle borading?! WOW-now I gotta do that. :D

  7. Oh what beautiful photos of my home towns wonderful magical abbey. You look stunning in your lovely dress and your girls are so cute. I get all giddy like you do when I go to my favourite place Glastonbury, it makes me feel so excited and like a child at Christmas as we travel down the country, I was lucky to go there last week and a lovely time we had. Hope you get to visit Whitby again someday maybe you will come at Goth weekend and see the beautiful costumes they wear they really are a sight to see. Love Jill xx

    1. Love to hear it Jill, Glastonbury is so amazing-you are such a lucky girl to live here. :) XX

  8. Speechless..I am in love with the dress, the surroundings, everything.
    You have just enabled me to add something to my bucket list.
    So excited and happy for you!


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