Everyday photography- capture your life.

As the summer solstice arrived a few days ago, and we enjoyed the longest day of the year at home in our garden, I was inspired to take out the camera and snap some photos of my surroundings. Later on after darkness had settled in, I went through some of my photo folders from the last few weeks (on my computer) and marveled at all the beautiful things I've been witness to. I hope you enjoy them, and take a moment to remember how wonderful your life truly is. 

 These were all taken on my iPhone 4.

I post some of my phone pics on my Instagram, are you on yet?  Comment and I'll follow you. ;)

So delicate...

 Not edited in any way, I love the duskiness of this photo.

These are processed, I'm practicing with a baby version of Photoshop right now. LOL

I always buy loads of peonies from Waitrose-it's my "self love" gift every week. ;) 

 Tesco has the best rose selection, and they last ages!

 Morning at Whitby with cup of coffee & cream scone in hand.

 Castle Howard details.

 A remembrance love letter left on a beautiful bench at Castle Howard.

Fruit is so pretty!

There's my daughter standing in front of Ely Cathedral. I live a mile from this beauty, and have the pleasure of seeing it every day.  It makes me tear up every time I go inside. Such beauty, standing the test of time... It's really quite unbelievable what humans are capable of building. 

Take this post as a gentle nudge to get out your camera and snap away! I bet you are a budding photographer inside, you just have to go for it. Don't worry about technicalities, or doing it "right" or buying the right "equipment". Perhaps we should do a challenge together? Thirty days of "L I F E" or something...hmmm....What do you think?

Let's do it-- hash tag me on Instagram with #lifemomentshungryhippie and I'll feature your pics here in themed posts. 

Here is a good website with tips on photography and cameras. I have to constantly re-read things like this.
There are tons of tips out there on the internet. get your Google on! 

I hope you have a peaceful, lovely, gorgeous day (no matter the weather).



  1. I really need to get my backside over to instagram but I don't have a camera phone :-/ Gorgeous photos as always x


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