Chevrons, Skulls, Colors and some hip hip hooray!

Pink + Orange + HST (half square triangles) = chevron wonderousness.

Dottie binding in black and white for extra eye catch-y-ness. Quilted with hot pink thread, because life is better with hot pink Yo!

She's going to sit on my table as an optional table mat/ computer de-slider/ or "quick hide the mess under there, the neighbor is here" provider. I'm sure my kids will probably use her to wipe their milk staches, but she's washable, so okay. 


Then on to make some pencil cases with the fabulous skully fabric remnant stash I have goin' on. This is such a fun project, with minimal thinking involved, done within an hour (I was distracted with a chocolate stash I found from months ago)-- and yet it's something you can actually USE!  Hip hip horrayyyyyyyyyy!

*Just wondering, does anyone say "hip hip horray" anymore? 'Cause if not, we need to bring it back-it automatically lifts you up by the action of yelling it. For real, try it. 

Try it NOW.

 Do it.

I was so stellar at peer pressure growing up. Bossy pants for real.


Have you yelled it out yet?

Okay, so on another note, I've been watching a lot of documentaries on artists, mostly modern art - and let's just say it soaked into my brain, and now I think I'm this amazing modern art person/ Jackson Pollock style-with leopard tendencies. 

(I dunno, just go with it.)

 So I got out some inspiration work from my two daughters, ages four and six, and took pictures of their work to make an online art book to print out, professionally. I'll link it so you can see what I mean: Cool Mom picks link. 
This way it's a solid book of their work we can keep forever, instead of a box full of everything that gets crumpled and lugged around house to house. You hear me? Ya feel me on this one? Am I being hard? My mom keeps a trunk full of my stuff from like 1854 and I don't think I'll ever look at it. (Have a bonfire Mom!) I mean, recycle it, of course.

very expressive color theory

Glitter is always a good idea in my book.

The idea is you download these pictures onto the website, and they will make it into a book chronologically and all that (if you know the dates I suppose).

 Blow painting with straws? YES please!

Big headed people with long arms, I love it!
Imagine how fun life would be with reallllly long arms. I could reach my choc stash from where I'm sitting right now at the table, and make a cup of coffee, and stir the spaghetti, all while surfiing the net! And hugs would be more Anaconda-ish, which could go either way really-super lovely and cuddly, or slightly claustrophobic and awkward. Hmmm....
Maybe not.

I think we're picking shrooms here, which made me giggle.
You know here in England they have those red mushrooms with white polka dots--yes-- they're real! They grow easily in the garden/(yard)---though supposedly poisonous. I was so chuffed to see them, I thought they were just made up in story books, what a delight to see them for real. 
Yes, I clapped and jumped a little. Hip hip.... never mind.

After all that inspiration, I got out whatever paints I've had since 1994 and threw them (literally) at this canvas. I''m not embarrassed to show you because I love it, and only my opinion matters right? BAHAHA

Are you wondering if I ate a mushroom? 
I wish I were so adventurous. Alas, I am not.

All I will say is --- it was fun. 

And I'll do it again.

Then sh*t got real, Hippie had to get down and dirty with the business aspect and finish some orders. Here is another Union Flag quilt. Are you sick of me posting them?  Too bad.

This is my "what do you think you're doing taking a picture of my process, in this bad hair moment, with no make-up on, in raggedy clothes, and my black mittens on moment?" look. 
We can't be glamorous allllll the time darlings---even Beyonce has her moments I bet. 
Okay, maybe not.

He was laughing at me here as I was saying "move two inches to the right, move two inches down, move three inches left, etc etc..."  Thing is, I was already compensating for the side disparity but he didn't know I was, so he was compensating, so when I said "right" he'd move left and so on...... 
Well it was funny in the moment anyway, don't judge.

The neighbors probably thought we were hitting the bottle (again). 

Quilting with my trusty Bernina 1008. I got her refurbished/used/store model five years ago, and I am so happy and grateful she walked into my life. No bells or whistles, which is perfect for me since I won't remember what those bells and whistles do anyways.

I just re-read this post and realized a few things:
1. I have chocolate issues.
2. I sound slightly senile.
3. Refer back to number one. 

What are you sewing/crafting/making/building?

Here's to a loverly May week, can you believe it?



  1. AHHHHH HOT PINK AND ORANGE QUILT WHOA!!!!! Amazing! I love it!!! And your painting project is AWESOME!

    1. Thanks girrrrrrrrl! I know you always "got my back"! :D

  2. A.) Hot pink and orange! I die!
    B.) Skull fabric is awesome. Skull fabric zippy bags are even awesomer.
    C.) That quilt! GAK. So awesome.


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