I've been slacking with the blog, but I have good reason. ;)

 Whoopie Pies (which are actually cookie shaped scones with butter cream icing inside). Talk about lush. Recipe out of The Great British Book of Baking

I'm taking time out to live in the "right N O W".

Baking with my kids is always an adventure, and eating the results is an extra perk. 

Now if only there were cleaning fairies, that would be blissdom. 

Coconut macaroons (American style not the cute Frenchie ones-those take forever). 

These are like meringues almost, really light and fluffy. Recipe out of Better Homes and Gardens

Been baking tons of bread lately-this recipe is Nigel Slater's spelt bread recipe.

 Enjoying the little things, like my tea cups and saucers. I love those thingys. 

I reworked my donut recipe and made these super duper lemony ones-recipe is on my HH Facebook page.

I've had this molasses rye loaf circled in my Better Homes & Gardens cook book foreverrrrr....so finally I did it. Isn't she beautiful? 

 No butter required.

This is my favorite time in England because there are roses everywhere. EVERYwhere you guys, it's so gorgeous and they are so H U G E here. Sighhhh.
I make it a point to always buy myself a dozen roses every two weeks-I found Tescos to carry the best to be honest. They last the longest and they carry the largest selection of colors. They make me smile every time I'm in the kitchen, which as you may have noticed, is a lot. 

*Que husband to buy them for me-hint hint. I'll have to ensure he reads this post. LOL

All this baking forced me inspired me to sew up some comfy knit maxi dresses. Here is a pic of the latest one, done in Riley Blake knit stripes (one inch wide print). Pattern by Jamie Christina- located here.

It's like jammies you guys, only better.

Yes I just finished swinging on a swing, amazing that I didn't break it.


I know I bombed you with baking pics, but so many projects are at that stage of "almoooost done but not pic worthy yet" .... .. . . . .

Plus it's half term (kids out of school for a week) so we are busy crafting and doing museum hops. 

Next weekend I have a mega awesome post for you, but I'll try to wait-think goth meets Victorian meets Winona Ryder meets seaside. (eeeeeeek!)

Peace out . Be cool. 

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  1. Eek! Your maxi looks great! I'm not going to talk about your baking, though, because yet again I'm so hungry now! ;)


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