I've been sewing my heart out lately, almost a new project every day, along with work on two ginormous UJ quilt orders. I know, I know, I said no more...but then a girl needs fabric, which means money, which means either work it on the corner/or sell some quilts yo!   I choose to sell quilts.  

I've been drinking a lot lately. Green tea infused with jasmine, which is amazing. Peach oolong is one of my faves too. Not sure where this thought sprung from, but there it is. 

I've been thinking a lot lately about what makes me truly happy. I think it's the little things that are so enjoyable in life, especially when one takes note of them. So, here goes:
1. Tea and Coffee
2. The smell of flowers, esp hyacinth(s).
3. Hearing children laugh, esp my own.
4. Learning new things, tidbits of information, trivia...whatever. Anything that makes me ponder.
5. Sewing!!!! !!! !       !!! ! Even when it's not perfect, it's the process, I love it. *But I do tend to cuss a lot little when it goes pear shaped, I won't lie. 


More things that make me happy:

Have you  met my amazing planetary galaxy trousers yet?

 Feast your eyeballs:

They make me slightly giddy as they have a knit smocked waistband (which = eat whatever you want day) and also 80's elastic cuff bottoms.  Hello! I love cuffed bottoms, it's so 1985 tight roll memory happiness for me.  Like, totally!

 I have at least a six inch vertical there. I blame the camera for making it look like less.

New dance move craze. You didn't know? 

In other sewing news:

 Forgive me for modeling this dress but I was so excited to add pockets to it I decided to make a tutorial. It will be up tomorrow (or within the next 10 days lol) here on the blog. This dress is from Roxy-(love that brand, so Cali)--and it's my friend Angie's, not mine...but....but.....I think it's a sewable item for sure! 

It's been holiday time for us (two weeks of it!) so we've been painting, baking, playing outside, and exploring. Here's Mia's Mona Lisa in progress.
She's been talking a lot about DaVinci and Michelangelo lately.

And Ruby is the muffin and sweetie sampler.

See the Dragon eye?!!

I made myself a leopard print canvas bag. It didn't turn out exactly how I envisioned it, because I lost patience and didn't wait for dark brown webbing for the straps....but hey, it works. 
It's going to carry my gym gear. 

'Coz somebody gotta represent the kitty crowd!


My six year old wanted to shoot some pictures with me, so I let her take over. I think she's a natural! We were only in the back yard, and had just finished planting seeds (hence the bag of dirt there)- but next time I'm gonna have her take creative control somewhere cool. 

And---I can't wait to share this quilt I made, but I haven't given it to my friend yet so it will have to wait a few days. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

That's all I've got right now.
I hope to see you back soon.



  1. I love your fun planetary galaxy trousers!!! 80s or not, the cuff makes them a good length. Great bag, too.

  2. Looooooove the trousers! The bag is super cool, too! How do you deal with the envious throngs of people flocking you all day long?

    1. LOL ;) Oh yeah, I manage it- somehow...hahahaha :D :D :D

  3. So love your blog posts, they always make me chuckle! Loving the sewing (I am thinking sewing is addictive!) , green tea info (did you also know it increases your metabolism ...... great for burning calories but makes me so hungry I eat twice as much when I drink it lol) , of course Mona Lisa is AMAZING and those dirt bag photos (of you with your fab bag and the dirt bag) are fabarooni!

    1. I figure if I drink like 3 gallons of green tea it knocks out the chocolate bars I eat in that day, possibly even making a negative caloric count for the daily total which = skinny jeans all around............I see complete logic in this argument, do you?? :D


I appreciate every comment, thanks so much for taking the time. It means A LOT to me. :)