I've been exploring color and playing with geometric designs lately. I'm so attracted to bright solids. I would put an exclamation mark but somebody told me it feels like I'm shouting, so I'll hold myself back!! !!! ! !                 !            !

Sometimes even road signs catch my eye and I'm all "WHOA pay attention - stay on the road lady"  while my other self says "but that design is so sparse yet catchy" (yes, I am guilty--I talk to myself, it's normal you know).   I have the most brilliant conversations with myself and then when I try to remember them later to show my friends how clever I am, they vanish.....
 I'm a bit worried about this.

I also played with some gorgeous felt and made some luggage tags and brooches the other night while watching Catching Fire (The Hunger Games). The books are soooo much better, just sayin'. Can I get a holla on this valid point?!  UGH!  Don't you hate it when your brain is so much more awesome than a movie set could ever be? ;) heeeheee

Anyways, here's my rad felty shiz:

A super lovely friend of mine supports my little shop, and since she just received her parcel in the mail I can share a photo:

Exhibit A --ladies wallet, 2 coffee cozies, 2 med makeup kits, 2 large makeup kits with vinyl.

Thank you Summer Sug you are the best, most kind and supportive person I've ever known. (And this is super true, she saw me go crAAAAAzy one time in an ER (A&E) when the doctor was being a bit of a turd. But that's another story, for my big ass book I'll write one day when I have arthritis in my fingers and can't sew anymore.)


My Mama made this table runner and didn't like it. Can you believe that? I gasped and stuttered and told her to immediately (pretty please) send it to moi. 

She's so good at sewing it's almost annoying. Made her own prom dresses in high school and everything....yeah. I bet she would've given Donna Karen a run for her money had she kept it up.


With Easter looming, I was thinking of making some bunny baskets for the girls, but then thought maybe I'll just make some of these cinch bags instead.

I just sort of feel bunnied out.... I guess I'm more of a zombie girl than a bunny girl. What does that say about me? Bahahahahahaha

Maybe a zombie bunny basket is in order.

Live authentically, that's what my motto is.

Wear your crazy.


Riiiiiiiiiight? Nodding head and clapping c'mon now don't let me down, agree!

Oh, and I Mod Podged my egg cup--- ( as you do) in pure gold glitter! 
Yes, I'm totally giddy about this. 
I might just glitter everything in site....hold me back. .. . .

I would L O V E to do this to my front door, how blingin' would that be?!!!!!!!

You think base housing would mind? Surely they have a sense of style.
...and humor...??    ?   No?    

The saying goes 
"Better to ask forgiveness than permission"
and I have A L W A Y S lived up to that. 



Okay, settle down now (that was my inside-my-head voice).

And I haven't even had a glass of vino tonight. Imagine the possibilities if I drink a bit too much.

See you soon. ;)


  1. Your are cray, cray, weird and I love it!

  2. Your color play is awesome! And yes, wear your crazy proudly :D Reading your blog always makes me smile! Yup, I'm yelling ;)

  3. We love your mad ways :-) Oohhhh bling , love the bling, in fact that angel in the background of the egg cup would look so fab blinged up! Right when we get back from Easter hols we are going to have a bling session at the craft group ........ waahooooo ......

  4. You make me laugh so much! Always love seeing your posts!


I appreciate every comment, thanks so much for taking the time. It means A LOT to me. :)