DIY Galaxy Nebula t-shirt tutorial

Put  two ounces bleach (1/4 cup) and one ounce water (1/8 cup) in a spray bottle and mix.

Insert a plastic shopping bag or garbage bag in between your shirt layers and prepare your area for artistry. 


Get your fabric paints (I used Tulip brand) ready with sponges, paint brushes if you fancy, and at least one toothbrush, at the ready. 

Spray your shirt in any manner you like, there is no right or wrong way. I did my front shirt super bleached and the back shirt less bleached with more dark space. I prefer the back, as pictured, spraying blobs rather than a full on mist--but it's personal preference.

back shirt

front shirt

I used a miracle sponge because my art sponges went missing. I tore the sponge into pieces and applied paint like this: lightest colors first as center nebulas, then built around them gradually with darker colors. 

You can do it however you like.

I found I did have to reapply several times to the lighter colors for vibrancy.

With the toothbrush, flick splatters of paint (in white) over the shirt for the starry look.

I then added some lines for star twinkles with my paint brush.

Let the shirt dry overnight then wash in cool water and tumble dry on medium. (Or hang dry if you're Earth friendly.) My shirt ended up just slightly "crispy" on the front part, which I attribute to the full on bleach mist, so I put it in a brine for 24 hours and now it's fine. 

*Brine for t-shirts= 1/2 cup salt + 1 quart water  Let t-shirt soak in brine for 24-72 hours depending on how thin and soft you want it to feel. 

Don your galaxy/nebula/space shirt and shine like the star you are!

Doncha' just love tutorials with little to no "absolute" directions?!


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