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I made it with a hounds tooth knit that I picked up at Joann's waaayyyyy back when I was still Stateside.
So umm yeah, it's been in my stash for over five years. For shame.


I have to admit, I was harboring a fear of this knit. It wasn't super cheap, so I was scared of making a mistake and wasting it...  Friends, I'm here to testify "Fear" is a real bitch. 
I'm sick of her. I'm kicking her to the curb.

What holds you back?
Do you kick Fear in the face like a Ninja? 
'Cause I want to know you if you do. ;)


Rubes and I decided you all would loooove to see an action shot. Just look at her composure, in midair mind you! Meanwhile I have Andy Warhol hair. 

I cut a size 10 as according to measurements I should have, but I think an 8 would look better. I constantly have issues with pattern fitting and sizing. In one pattern I'm easily a 12, in another a 4. What gives? Do you have issues like this? 


With this top I figure on fat days I'll leave it out, and on skinny days I'll belt it in. 
More often than not I just can't s t a n d anything restricting me/my waist/my booty/my feet, etc etc...

Call me Boho, I was born for it.

For St. Patty's day I made this tshirt dress for Ruby. The top part is a recycled t shirt that I appliqued the rainbow onto (it's felt) and then hand stitched for added detail. The bottom is a remnant I had from a quilting project, cotton chevrons in yellow, that I thought really brightened it all up.

She was well pleased.


We are off to bake some shamrock cookies! nom nom
See you soon friends.


  1. Oooh, this is super cute! I love the print (and the Andy Warhol hair... sassy!)! As far as sizing goes, if you open up the pattern, the finished measurements are printed somewhere on the pattern sheet (if not on the back of the envelope). You should pick a size based on those because sometimes the big 4 is really crazy with their sizing (I've seen patterns with 11" of ease through the bust... 11"!!!). The finished measurements at least give you a decent idea of what you're going to end up with! :)

  2. Natalie,
    You are so darn adorable!!! (So it your little one!) Patterns have been a frustration for me, too. As if fitting my body weren't frustration enough, then I go to all the work and it's even BIGGER! I've decided that I'm going to pad out my dress form to my exact shape and fit the pattern pieces to it first. Then cut and sew. It will save me a lot of aggravation in the long run. For now, I'll just visit you and cheer your creativity and talent when it comes to the things you wear. You make me smile, my friend.
    Donna and Tag


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