Everyone needs an emerald green taffeta floor length skirt right? Right!

This is simply two rectangles of fabric sewn together, then gathered at the waist and sewn to an elastic waistband.
Hem and it's done. It took me literally about 30 min.

Just in time for St Patrick's Day-which by the way I just watched a documentary on and it was fascinating! I'm' not Catholic or Irish so I had no real knowledge of Patrick, problem solved. 

Inspiration from Look Magazine (UK).

I might eventually shorten it to tea length, but right now I'm' feelin' the drama.

And for the record, I did give a go to a circle skirt.

It turned out one HOT MESS.

See for yourself, have a chuckle:

My face says it all. Yerp, this one turned out a doozie. W T F?

Are you feeling green yet?

Ruby and I have Fridays together and we make the most of it. We documented our shamrock cookie escapade below.  (Of course some skull cookies were baked along side, as you do.)

I learned through trial and error, you "stamp" the cookies once it comes OUT of the oven, while still hot and semi mushy. . .
I stamped the first batch prior to baking and they came out like Frankenstein, all the features melted together. No bueno. So be sure to stamp these puppies after baking, and spray your stamps with some PAM so the dough doesn't stick. (grr)

Fred Spirit cookies available online, I used Amazon.

Please don't judge me on the next pic (LOL). I have long ago resigned to the fact that I am a frosting challenged. 

We've had some good weather lately in England.  So out came the kites.
*I never knew how tricky it is to get that kite airborne! It's like I need a degree in geothermal studies and wind power to properly assess where to spring it. Gheesh.

Yes she's still in her night gown at 2 pm. (Shrugging shoulders.)

We then used food as decoration and made some St. Patty's Day decor, or any Rainbow-y sort of day really. We used a super glue (Mom did that bit) and this has lasted over a week now.

Like my new table topper? Stripes are awesome. I made this in like-five minutes. 

Two squares of fabric, RST, batting or wadding on the back, sew all edges leaving an opening for turning..Turn out, press, sew opening closed. Done. Bam. 

Peace out, I'm getting antsy on this computer.



  1. What a luxurious skirt! It looks amazing! So fancy!

  2. I was raised Catholic and I'm Irish and I still should watch a documentary to learn more about Patrick ;) LOVE the skeleton cookies! Oh, and it is 6:44 p.m., I have been in my jammies all day, and I don't feel bad ;)

  3. My girls go to Catholic school but we are not. I learn lots about saints on a daily basis :-)
    I don't do icing either.


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