DIY hairband and Burda Bunny make

I made several hair bandana type thingys the other day.
All I did was cut squares out at 22x22 inches and made a tiny double hem on each side.

thinking blissful toughts about my new pink fringe:

To fold them properly this is how you do it, according to the experts online.

I recommend batiste or cotton voile, as they are so light and airy--very easy to manipulate in the hair. I tried one with flannel and it was a hot mess. I tried a normal quilting cotton one, but it felt stiff and weird. Just my two cents. 

I have to wear a hair band when I'm sewing, to keep my fringe/bangs outa my face. I go mental if "hair" is the cause of my frustration. I have better things to worry about, ya know?


If you possess self control, go ahead and buy these Acai berry chocolates. Ohmygoodness I can't even begin to describe how heavenly they are! But...fair warning, there are five servings in a bag, so do not buy them if you can't put them away.  (LOL)

    Seriously though.

I picked up this pink velvet fabric in the remnants section at the local sewing shop in town. It was a must buy. I wasn't sure what to make with it at first, but then the Burda Style new issue came out and had a bunny pattern in it, so there it was. Serendipity. Fate. Destiny. 

I was asking for advice on my Facebook page on what to name her....

But then my six year old kept calling her "Honey", as I always call my girls my honey bunnies...
So "Hunny"  she is. ;)

Look at her tail-

Here's a peek at a few things on my sewing table right now:

 Quilt in progress

Makeup cases made with vinyl covering:
Complete with dry shampoo in a leopard print bottle (oh yeah!).

Velvet foldover clutch in "Merida" teal.

Tank dress in progress:

Passport cases in cheery prints:

We plan on being outside tomorrow planting seeds.
What are you up to?

Have a restful weekend friends. 

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  1. OMG, your pink bangs!!!! They're too fab!!!!! Love that look on you! And the leopard makeup bag is fantastic!!!


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