The outtakes

Once in a while someone will say to me "How do you do it?"  or the ever present--"How do you find the time?"  Or once in a while even "Who are you now, Martha Stewart?"

If you only knew how often things go wrong.

How most days I look like my hair is a home for several families of birds.

Or how my home needs a dusting in the most severe way imaginable.

If you knew most of my photos are crap, and about half of what I make turns out to my expectations, and almost always I'm in a frenzy doing eighty seven tasks at once.

I have lists for my lists because I forget everything.

I'm not a Nancy Homemaker, a Martha Stewart, or a Kirstie Allsop. 
I'm me. Imperfect, slightly crazy, and unafraid to try anything, as I'm ok with failure. *It does piss me off, but I get over it pretty quick. 


I mean seriously! What is the deal with these muffin cups? They are supposed to make the cutest lil' muffin tops all fluffy and big at the top (like on the amazon picture advert here) but this has happened threeeeeee times now.

Grrr!! (Ninja jabs into the air.)

I ate them anyways.


Then there was this wavy hot mess of a bag project that I spent most of my day on and realized it was so bad -- it's beyond fixing. 
Damn you Pellon interfacing! You are the scourge of the Earth, so difficult to work with I must have pinned my fingertips eighty five times this day. I actually had blood marks on the side piping !  The stitching lines are uneven on the handles. Puckers occurred everywhere due to the heavy Pellon interfacing not really sticking well with the fabric. The side orange part didn't measure correctly out to be long enough to fully wrap around the bag. I could go on.

It was a sewing  nightmare.

After graffiti-ing the pattern cover, I threw it across the room and thought about setting it on fire.

As pictures of bonfires danced in my head I realized I may be losing my self control. 

So, naturally,  I cracked open a bottle of wine and called it a night.


Can you handle more?

I made these cute little mini love loaves with chai ingredients the other day and then took pictures so I could share the recipe. Well, the pictures turned out so bad I quickly nixed that post.

Take a look---it's like the worst office lighting you could imagine, casting a green glow that doesn't evoke a healthy feeling, does it? 


I don't want to scar your eyeballs too much, so I'll stop now and post a few nicer pics, but a warning-- these are random - so if order is your thing, well..... bahahaha!

Life is like a scrap pile-never know what you'll find in there -- gotta keep digging.
That's like a Forest Gump and Dory quote wrapped into one, sorry about that, baahahahaha!

Color always makes me happy.

 This is my therapy after the bag incident. Some people buy new cars....I buy new nail polish. ;)

Pat Bravo's line just arrived:

A new (to me) quilting book which I ADORE. It's got art theory mixed in with really original quilting ideas and inspiration. I read it cover to cover when it arrived. 

My pattern is coming along slowly but surely. This is half of it, I'll show you more soon. ;) I knew you'd want to see my bedsocks too, so there you go. 

That's it guys. See you soon. And next time I promise to show you pretty stuff. 



  1. Thank you so much for sharing all your mistakes and mishaps! It's refreshing to know that things don't always go to plan for other people too!! I must get my hands on that book too, it looks like a great read.

    1. :D Yes-get that book as soon as possible. Kathreen was an amazing person, she founded Whip up.net and wrote several other books as well. Well worth the money! :D

  2. ha,ha,ha My good laugh for the day. Love the bag though, does not look like a disaster. And the muffins...well looks sort of like my muffin top on my jeans.....la la la And I have thrown a creation disaster or two.....hmmmmmm....or more.....

    1. Trust me the bag is horrid, I gave it to Mia to put her toys in and she gave me a look with eyebrows raised--and said-- "really?"........................bahahahahahahaha!

  3. So.. only the muffin tops looks like a mess-up. The bag is cute and the picture isn't THAT bad… photoshop can fix that with a filter ;)

  4. So great to hear Im not the only one constantly cocking up...especially today when EVERYTHINH I touched just turned to....well was rubbish!?! Lol. Tomorrow is another day as they say!! Off to bed....should be safe there?? ;)

  5. Tee Hee, your post gave me such a giggle - I can SO identify with these outtakes and starting right now I'm going to start taking pics of mine too, right before I toss them aside or unpick in disgust!!
    It's good to know I'm not alone ;-)
    Happy Wednesday and thanks for the reminder that life isn't always as perfect as we'd like it to be!


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